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A baby cheetah, also known as "Yay, I've a new avatar".
The animation was way longer at first, but I had to delete a lot of frames to get it under the "15 kb limit" for avatars.

Maybe someday I'll put a more complex version up.

9 colors, 40 frames.
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that is so cute I love cheetahs I actually got a selfie with a real cheetah in Canberra zoo and I was wondering could I use this icon as my profile picture if it is possible and if anyone asks I will say it is ur design pleaseee thx:excited: :shuffelin: 
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Ouch, that's a late reply. I'm not active on deviantart anymore, sorry :/

As for the icon, it's my own, and I'd rather not share it, sorry :) I've been using it for a while. 
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Sure that's fine
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So, I've read thru the comments so I know it's your avatar.. but my question is, how much would it cost me to have you turn it white so I could have it as mah av? XD

Its fine if not so just damn cute. :3
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How did you make it move? Like did you use a program or something?
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CUTE!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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Lovely work. Can I use this as my avatar?
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I'm sorry, no. I made this one for myself and have been using it for two years. ^^;
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Aww, that's so cute :D
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May i use this for my avater
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Aww that's too cute OwO
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awe!!!!!!!!!!!! sp cute!!!!! i wanna make one but idk how too
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wish I could make a cute avatar like that to use! :heart: wonderful!
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Is this avi free or for use only by you? :)
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Mine only, sorry :)
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Awwwwwwwww it's sooooo cute!
Awesome job you did on your avatar! :D
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AWWW its so adorable
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Thats a really cute cheetah. I love cheetahs.
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I can use it, please?
is sooo cutiee!
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Sorry, no, I made this one just for myself ^^;;
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