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To Paint a Soul

Painting As One

Graffitti Artist Willow Commission By Xxbluero by Merieth

Since then I've become distant from everyone; I never talk to people at school, and if a boy tries to flirt with me? Well, I'll give him a good punch in the jaw. I'm nineteen now and am often praised for my free-running skills, but my true passion is graffiti art - I've been suspended for vandalism more times than I can count, even in college!

Mom and I still don't talk very much, but ever since Dad... passed away... she's been trying to be a bigger part of my life. I can't adjust to it, but I guess I just need a few more years - for now, I'm not close to anyone or anything. I don't have any goals, I just want to be free... to run and paint wherever I want.

The anniversary of Dad's death is tomorrow... and so I've been working on making an epic graffiti art in his honor on the roof of the most popular restaurant in town. I want EVERYONE to see it, and I don't care if they catch me. Today, I'll finish it...

Just wait, Dad... I'm doing it for you, so I hope that you're watching!


It was a bright, chilly morning when I got out of bed and put on my paint-stained gray hoodie and grabbed my paint cans and sprays, and stuffed them into a backpack - I felt energized and determined to finish my masterpiece! I slid down the stair railing and sprinted outside, leaping from the porch and lithely hopping over fences and bushes.

The restaurant was in sight and I grinned to myself, "Too early for anybody to be here. The sun's hardly even out... it's still dark blue." I squinted at the roof, "Looks like my work is still there from yesterday, but..." I blinked. "Something's not right. What the hell?!" I could have swore I saw a person on the roof just now!

I jumped over the metal fence and pulled myself up to the giant trash container and reached up for a pipe, then pulled myself up to the roof. I came face-to-face with a boy who looked to be a little younger than I - he had short white hair and a curious look in his bright red eyes. "An albino, huh?" I took a step, glaring at the boy... and then I saw it: a spray can in his hand.

Furiously, I glanced at my painting and noticed that it had been partially sprayed over... I totally lost my cool. "YOU SON OF A BITCH!" I screamed, lashing out at him, but he was fast... faster than me, but maybe he avoided me so easily because I was angry. No, angry wasn't even close to describing it...

He hopped back to avoid my fist, and it felt like I was foaming at the mouth as I dashed after him - I wanted to kill the little bastard. I struck out again and managed to catch him off guard and pushed him hard down onto the roof; I was going to beat him half to death, but the pipes underneath my feet suddenly gave way and I fell backwards.

For a moment I thought I was going to die - everything went in slow motion. There was another, smaller building for holding supplies nearby, and my head was just about to go smashing into a concrete brick... it was all over if that happened. I closed my eyes...

Sorry, Dad... guess I won't be able to... make a name for myself after all...

But I didn't die, I had stopped falling; there was an uncomfortable tugging on my hood, and I opened my eyes to see the mysterious boy struggling to pull me up. He held out a hand to me and I grabbed it, my heart racing from the near-death experience. "...You saved me?" I let out an exasperated sigh and sat down on the roof to catch my breath.

"You saved me." I said again, but he only stared back, giving me the faintest of smiles; then, without warning, he turned and ran away, hopping nimbly down to the ground and skipping away, disappearing into the shadows beyond. "Hey! You jackass--!!" I cried as he ran off, but he was gone.

Damn him, saving me and then running off without a word. I looked at my painting and felt something twist inside of me, but luckily it had only been partially ruined. Doesn't matter... doesn't matter. I'm gonna stay here and paint all day if I have to, but I'm finishing it! I don't care if I go to jail for vandalism... I'm finishing this damn thing!

And so I did. I painted and painted all through the morning, and a couple patrons of the restaurant even asked me what I was doing. "My Dad was Alder, and I'm making this to honor him. ...Two years ago tomorrow he passed away, and I need to make this in his memory. I don't give a damn if someone doesn't agree with what I'm doing. I follow my own path!"

By afternoon, a crowd came to watch me paint... but I didn't care - I was totally focused on my work. I'll make it the best ever, for you... Dad. When the sky started to darken, the police came to stop me, but I was almost finished... I couldn't be stopped now, so I ignored them.

Surprisingly, the crowd that had gathered defend my cause, and eventually even the restaurant owners heard about it; apparently, they were all so moved by my display that they would allow me to keep this painting here forever, in honor of my Dad and my love for him.

And so, I finished it... it was more perfect than anything I'd ever done. I was proud... and I even got cheered on several times after that; yet, the most important thing was painting what I had come to paint, painting with my soul. Do you see this, Dad? I made it for you... I hope you're smiling, wherever you are. I really love you... Dad.

Some days after that, my graffiti art was posted in the local newspaper and I even got an interview, but I kinda blew them off... I hate talking, and I couldn't care less about being famous.


Three Months Later...

I never saw that mysterious boy again, but he also never painted over my stuff anymore; as time went on, I became more and more curious about who he was, and I guess I kind of wanted to see him again. It was rare to see another graffiti artist out in the open... so I felt like he was a kindred spirit, that maybe... just maybe, he'd understand me.

I suppose that curiosity came out in my graffiti... because one day... I saw him standing in the alley where I always painted, but he didn't have any spray cans or anything. He just stood there... smiling.

"Hey! It's you..." I approached him slowly. "What's your name?" He shook his head. "Huh, you won't tell me? You know this is my turf, so why did you come here? Just to... be a quiet dork like this?" The boy looked down at the ground, he seemed hurt. "What? What's wrong?" I had no idea.

Then, he raised his head and pointed at his mouth as he slightly lowered his head again. "...What? ...You can't talk or something?" I asked, coming closer to him; he nodded a little and pointed to one of my paintings, then pointed at me, and back at himself. "Uhh... you like my paintings?"

He nodded again and then suddenly stepped towards me and grabbed the hand in which I held a spray can, then smiled up at me - I don't know why... but I didn't pull my hand away from him. For the first time in years, I felt... warm. "You want... to paint with me...?"

He put his other hand on mine and smiled even wider, and my heart skipped a beat - it was a smile I could not resist. "F-fine... I guess I could let you paint with me. But don't cramp my style, got it?" I looked away, not wanting him to see that I was blushing a little. "But... I want to take you somewhere different to paint. It's an old abandoned building behind the river near my house... nobody knows about it but me. Will you come?"

The white-haired boy looked ecstatic and nodded once more, and so I took him there, to the old, forgotten house... I shared my paints with him and together, we began painting - a special graffiti which contained not one, but two peoples' souls. It was strange though, because we painted together so perfectly... he filled in the gaps I made: where I painted dark, he painted bright, and where I lacked shadows, he added them.

So this is what it feels like...

...To truly paint a soul.

Story Point Commission 2/2 for :icontallon90:

hope you like it, thanks so much for commissioning me! I had a lot of fun with this one : )

again, artwork by: :iconbluerosechan:
© 2013 - 2024 Merieth
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Very good! It had a ver nice ending, and I;m glad willow ended up happy!