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Magically Painted Scene

It was very challenging to finish it, but I learned a lot of useful tips and tricks about photomanipulation. I created it with Photoshop CS3 using a lot of ressources ...

As I told you before, I've finally fixed the hand. I think it turned out so much better than the previous one ; )

Credits :

The following stocks are from stock.xchng : [link]

> Toucan Bird : [link] ~ By rmpinho

> Ardea Alba 1 : [link] ~ By flaivoloka

> Ardea Alba 3 : [link] ~ By flaivoloka

> Seagulls : [link] ~ By antixstar

> Spanish Firefighting Plane : [link] ~ By killick1

> Little Airplane : [link] ~ By hisks

> Kite Flying 3 : [link] ~ By MeiTeng

And these are from devianART Ressources & Stock Images

> Grungy Paper Texture : [link] ~ By ~bashcorpo

> The Sky Stock : [link] ~ By `neoikeia

> Tree : [link] ~ By ~WolfC-Stock

> Balloon Perspective : [link] ~ By *somadjinn

> Balloon Festival : [link] ~ By *Dracoart-Stock

> Paint Brushes : [link] ~ By `nyssi

> Stroke Brush Set : [link] ~ By ~FlightOfGrey

Only the hand is from DepositPhotos > [link] ~ By spaxiax

Any constructive critiques would be welcome as to how I can improve ^__^

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The-Golden-Princess's avatar
ur design featured in [link] .. :D
MeRi-SlOt's avatar
Thank you very much, I really appreciate it :heart:
The-Golden-Princess's avatar
Urus-28's avatar
Très jolie composition, c'est un sacré boulot d'avoir regroupé tout ça sur la même image =D
MeRi-SlOt's avatar
Merci beaucoup l'ami, je suis ravie que ça te plaise :w00t:
frenchfox's avatar
J'aime beaucoup cette composition , c'est très joliment créatif ! :clap:
MeRi-SlOt's avatar
Merci beaucoup, ça me fait énormément plaisir :dance:
ArtisticSceneQueen1's avatar
Creative and unique I love it!
MeRi-SlOt's avatar
Thank you, I'm pleased that you love it ^__^
ArtisticSceneQueen1's avatar
Haha you're very welcome! :D
Tago73's avatar
beautiful work!
MeRi-SlOt's avatar
Tago73's avatar
you're welcome
Sleepyvolf's avatar
This looks like a legit travel brochure. The hand only looks slightly out of place, but I think the crane ( The white bird, sorry I duhno if it is a crane or not but that's what it looks like. My bird recognition skills are shady at best. :dummy:) Looks like it needs to be meshed a bit more. I think it's the shadow but I can't quite put my finger on it. But with that being said it's still a very masterful manipulation, better than anything I could pull off ever.
MeRi-SlOt's avatar
Thank you so much for taking the time to critique my work, I'm pleased that you like it :la:
Sleepyvolf's avatar
Not a problem. :meow:
Chii-Pantsu's avatar
I love it~! it mixes well together with Beauty and Grace. The images clashing together blend so well~!
MeRi-SlOt's avatar
Thank you so much, dear :heart:

I'm pleased that you love it :huggle:
Chii-Pantsu's avatar
Your welcome :3 :huggle::heart:
ashfiress's avatar
This is very good. I feel like it is coming of the page. The brush placement is a bit awkward however because of the way the paint is going.
MeRi-SlOt's avatar
Thank you ^__^

Yeah, you're right. Sincerly, I couldn't find a better one. I spent a lot of time to look for it x(
ashfiress's avatar
That's okay! I doubt any would really notice. It looks great and I had to fav it.
MeRi-SlOt's avatar
One thing is for sure, I'll fix it soon =]

I appreciate the favourite, thank you so much ^__^
ashfiress's avatar
I liked so I had to!
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