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Commission- 'Onward, steed'

By mergeritter
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Commission for :iconalienhominid2000: of Nonon attempting to princess carry Lady Satsuki. 
Sorry for the long wait! I got caught up in a lot of things.

Can't believe I got 2 Nonon commissions in a row. Usually I just get a bunch of OC's.

And with that, that's the last of this commission batch. Thanks to everyone who commissioned me!

Nonon Jakuzure and Satsuki Kiryuin belong to their respective owners. 
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© 2017 - 2021 mergeritter
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Satsuki is not amused with her Waifu's faltering conviction
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lmao this is great.
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You can do it Nonon , just think about how close you are to the bedroom. more love L O V Emore love  will give you strength Kill La Kill Icon: Satsuki 6 
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Your commissions are really worth it 
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Satsuki Stamp by Tyrranux :iconsaysplz:Why exactly did I make you one of the Elite Four again?
Nostalgia-Gamer's avatar
I believe it was at the part where you said "Drive me closer, I want to hit them with my sword".

And you didn't want to walk, Princess.
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The great Mergeritter has graces us with another lovely artwork :)
Nonon and Satsuki are adorable and total cuties too:) I'm also loving this artwork keep up the good workHaruhi Suzumiya Emote - Thumbs Up 
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Best part is this ship is canon.
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That's hilarious :D
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"To victory! Heyo, silver!"
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Princess and the Snake
10/10 great movie
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"A-anything for you Lady Satsuki...but, couldn't you stand to lose about 20 pounds?"
[Satsuki death glare]
"Never mind..."
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Kill La Kill Icon: Satsuki 4 - "Get me closer, so I can hit them with my sword!"

I'm sure everybody was thinking it! :dummy:
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Nonon doing whatever it takes to impress her queen Satsuki

Great work and thanks! 
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Looks like it'll take a lot more than just a princess carry lol

You're welcome, and thanks for being so patient! 
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Love it. ♥
Shy-Guyome's avatar
To be fair, who wouldn't want to ride Nonon?
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with poor taste
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She either look not amuse or she is really into it? XD
mergeritter's avatar
who knows whats going on in that head of her's lol
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her smol loli body can't take it
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