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Needs bigger ears...

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There exists a game that has that tiger-stripe two-piece long before these series of pictures.

A RPG video game for the SNES and later the PS4 and stuff in between: Secret Of Mana or in Japan: Seiken Densetsu 2

Edit: Am I the first one to mention this

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Says the girl who wears an outfit that is differently similar to your battle outfit when you transform with Senketsu on, so Ryuko it's really not up for a debate.

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She doesn't like that one either... the style of how it shows her skin and body off.

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You're right and I understand how she feels, but it doesn't look that bad on her though.

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What about the Litten bodysuit?

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I don't think she liked that either, but she looked cute with that on.

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Much To her embarrassment

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She waited until after the photo shoot to ask that?
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Ryuko I feel you
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The better to see you with. xD
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Yeah! Don't ya know Ryuko is very particular about what outfit she bears her midriff in. She don't pose in any old shit.
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Hey....its not so bad  0w0
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Ryuko: you think?
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I actually think it's cute
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Says the girl who wore outfits that showed just as much, its like being an uruk and calling us a monster
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She hates those too

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Me: considering that you wear senketsu all the time, this shouldn't be any more different then that. (Says this while dodging her sword swings and punches.)
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