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A common misconception

By mergeritter
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I told you I'd draw Tatsumaki one day. 

I've been seeing a lot of fanart of Tatsumaki without panties under her dress. C'mon, do you really a classy girl like her doesn't wear anything underneath? Next you'll say she's not wearing a bra either ;)

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To be entirely honest, she probably doesn't wear a bra. Her tits don't jut out enough for her to be wearing one. Its either that, or thats a really thin bra.

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.....Nah I'll just keep on staring. Thanks for the free show.
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Then how do you explain this canon cursed scene?

Smile-1 by PilloTheStar  
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She is probably wearing a G-String.
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Haha wonderful 😆
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Pfft, very in character of her. Love the adorable flustered look on her face. Very charming.
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Actually, in that episode with that Lizzard dude that she fought at the start, I paused it at the perfect time and her ass was bare. I even have a screenshot of it saved to my computer (for shits and giggles lol). 
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One Punch Man - Saitama  (Happy)  V1Serious Series: Fave Punch!
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me: "ummmm....  Tatsumaki-sama..... You realize you're revealing your- *hits the ground in seconds from a powerful force*  MMM!!!MM!M!M!!! HHMMHMM!!!!!!! (CRAP!!!  I SAW NOTHING, HONEST!!!!!)"

Tatsumaki: "Say another word and I'll bring a satellite down on you next!"  

Me: *scared shitless* "Can I say one thing?" *breathes deep* DAT ASS!!!!!"  *runs immediately away*

Tatsumaki: *snaps her fingers and a Satellite starts falling* 

Me: "WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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LMAO i was just watching OPM too
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Well now I'm just gonna be a perv for different reasons...Panties 
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Still not convinced 
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I always thought she did (or at least very skimpy lingerie).
Still, I love this piece nonetheless for it's excellent art quality, fan art fulfillment and comedic side.
Great work mergeritter!!
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Thanks for the kind words!
Gorgeous and dangerously sexy artwork 
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You CAN'T just someone to STOP being a pervert!
That's not how it works!
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Even I knew she had panties.

And I'm a pervert.
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Well looks like that mystery is now solve XD
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