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Stolen from Aardvark1998 like a proud member of the Tamerial Thieves Guild generously funded with borrowed resources from Marisa "literally vegeta" Kirisame. Some answers are a bit weird since I'm probably not in the best shape both physically or in terms of mental energy.

1) Which Touhou likes to take her food apart and/or eat it in a strange way?
Rumia, because, you know.... uhh....

2) Which character would be most likely to fall for a pyramid scheme?

2.5) Who started the scheme and why is it Jo'on?
Look. I need to explain this. Jo'on doesn't scam people because she WANTS to. She's just afraid. Of him. Todd Howard. That's right, him. Every time someone on the internet declares they're not buying Fallout 76, EVERY TIME, that makes Todd unhappy. And who suffers when Todd is unhappy? That's right, Jo'on. Jo'on is single-handedly keeping the Gensokyou economy from collapsing. Everyone keeps thanking and praising Rinnosuke for keeping the AAA production Ouija Board industry alive, but does even Shion show appreciation for her sister feeding her black blair mead and printed codes of creation club mods with her hard earned caps instead of feeding Shion peasant products like an actual health breakfast? So maybe next time at a Prismriver & H concert restroom, when Jo'on seduces you into buying a copy of Fallout 4  maybe you'll consider. That your denial will eventually lead to the Lunar Capital taking over. Think of the chess clubs won't you? All of them are going to be replaced by backgammon clubs. Who will be providing you with dynamic, volumetric lightning, then?

Who's laughing, then?

3) Apart from Kyouko, which character would be the first to shout "ECHO!" or something when she's in a large cave?

Seems like a very Cirno thing. 

4) Which character is a complete fashion disaster, but in a cool way?
Well there is only one HECCing person that comes to mind...

5) Which character would love to go dancing in a beautiful dress?
I imagine Reimu fantasizes about this occasionally 

6) Who stubbornly refuses to eat any kind of vegetable?
Rumia, sometimes her friends need to step in and REALLY try to get it into her mouth

7) Which one would be the last to notice if her shoes had been replaced with dead fish?
Yoshika, if ever. She might not even realize what's the problem/oddity even when it's pointed out.

8) Which Touhou loves jumping in piles of autumn leaves?
the image of cirno doing this is giving me diabetes

9) Which character always insists on playing devil's advocate?
Mamizou maybe...? Sort of unsure on this one.

10) If there were any buses in Gensokyo, which character would always remember to thank the bus driver?
For some reason Minoriko comes to mind.

10.5) Who would drive the bus?
For some reason Mokou also comes to mind.

11) Which character takes pride in having an awful personality?
Seija, though she might not be actually too happy about it inside

12) Which character is lovely to everyone, but never gets any appreciation?

13) Which Touhou is always cold, even in the height of summer?
marisa is said to be sensitive to the cold, i imagine this isn't helped by the flying/exploring she often finds herself doing

14) Which Touhou is always warm, even in the depths of winter?
I imagine Patchouli keeps herself quite cozy in the library

15) Which character likes dancing in the rain?
the image of kogasa doing this in the rain is really cute to me aaaaaa

16) Which character is always forgetting things at the worst possible time?
I imagine Futo might be the type

17) Who is always worried about getting ill, to the point that she won't even go near somebody with a cold?
well it's not a cold but a certain someone seems less than kind of "contagious" people....

18) As and when Gensokyo gets decent wi-fi, which character would be the first to start a Youtube channel? Sumireko doesn't count, since she already has internet access in the Outside World.
Outside the "official" videos introducing Youtube to Gensokyou, I can somewhat see Koishi being the one since she DOES have a smartphone after ULiL if I remember correctly

18.5) What would it be about?
absolutely no focus. just whatever happens to be caught when she decides to turn the camera on.

19) Which of our intrepid heroines thinks it might actually be kind of fun to be caught in a landslide?
Marisa during her route A in DDC, other times perhaps not so much...

20) Here's a fun one. In your mind, which character is most different from her canon portrayal, and how?
A sizable chunk of them I like to imagine in my mind way different from canon so this is a tough one... Though I guess ones that might especially stand out are Cirno, Flandre (who in a fic idea i have in mind is the more controlled one between her and cirno)

21) Which character likes to cover her girlfriend's eyes from behind and say "Guess who!"?

21.5) Who's the girlfriend? Does she like it, or is it just annoying?
Youmu, she is somewhat annoyed, but she takes it in stride and playfully tells her "senpai" to stop playing around

22) What character would be extremely sneery about children who play Fortnite?
sekibanki may or may be not be complaining about at r/gaming

23) Which character is least likely to ever shave her body?
Medicine, Ruukotou, Yoshika, Alice's dolls, etc etc....

23.5) Which character is most likely to judge her for not shaving?
Seija, who'd judge people who don't need/can't shave in the first place for not shaving.

24) Which Touhou is most likely to get really into life-hacks?
Nitori probably has her OWN lifehacks with varying degrees of success

25) What Touhou puts on a brave, cheerful and/or confident facade, despite the fact that she's suffering inside?
The version of Cirno I brought up in 20, Reimu also doesn't exactly wear the most happy facade most of the time but I imagine her being hurt about a lot more things than she lets on. Tenshi seems to be a very close to canon example of this?

26) Which character would buy dozens of books and then just leave them lying around while she reads her favourite book for the fiftieth time?

26.5) ...It's Kosuzu, isn't it? Has to be. Sorry, that one was kind of obvious.

It's probably yaoi

27) What's your favourite unusual ship?


28) Which Touhou would sacrifice her life to protect her friends without even hesitating?
Tenshi, since the few friends she has probably means a lot to her

29) Do you think any of the Touhous like men? If so, which ones?
Reimu has some hints in canon I think? So I'd start with her outside of the characters who are already confirmed married or have married. I imagine Reimu, Marisa and Kosuzu as a "yaoi reader trinity" with the latter two maybe even reading or even writing dirty fics, though they're all very closet about it.

30) Which character would be most into doing tags on Deviantart?

30.5) Who would she tag?
exfodes Potato-Yi gishinaki Reimu-and-Cirno 
Dabogon Lagia95 thaiglasses
@ the generous members of the thieves guild allowing me to steal catchphrases from Sseth who uses them in a much more consistent and enjoyable manner than I do. you're all wonderful have a good one

@ everyone else too



Hey everyone, Mergedpotato here. It's been awhile since I've wrote a proper comment on one of these things. It's really late right now but it feels kinda bad not giving proper comment after so long.

I've been thinking of making a fangame of some sort, and I've been drawing a few concepts (such as this Shinmy) and such but for some reason I kinda keep getting cold feet! I don't know if I really don't want to work with RPGmaker MV that much, that damn thing doesn't even let you put in flat numbers on stats, pretty crazy, right? Maybe it's just that I've got too many ideas in my head and none of them really... "dominate", so I don't know where to start.

This part is usually where I'd plug for comms, but I've found PayPal is no good for me outside purchasing... questionable material on DLsite. So until I find an alternative... shop's closed for now. Hope to reopen soon with the same dirt cheap price, though!

Touhou belongs to ZUN

jesus christ i have so much that i haven't uploaded on here
oh my god it's todd's birthday today holy shit aaaaaaa

DMC5 belongs to Capcom
Touhou belongs to ZUN


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17, from Thailand. I'm a (learning) trad. artist who mostly does Touhou fanart (and sometimes Dragonball), but I also do digital art with Walfas(create.swf) and Photoshop occasionally. Interested in game design. My artstyle is heavily inspired by Kamonari Ahiru (author of the doujin series Reimu and Cirno's 1-2-3), and I highly recommend you look them up, too.

Hope you enjoy my gallery!


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