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Quick update

2 min read
Hi guys,

I realised yesterday I hadn't updated this page in ages. So much has changed.
I am now about to finish my MA at Central Saint Martins (only one month left) and in the process of selecting and editing the final pictures that will go on the wall.
All of it was shot on my Bronica SQ-A and our Nikon scanner just keeps fucking up the tones of the film so that means hours spent in Camera Raw to get the original tones back and to get rid of the dust... This whole process is exhausting.

To those of you who are in London in June, come see our show at the Rochelle School from the beginning of June to the 12th. With 65 of us exhibiting and 4 different pathways (illustration, graphic design digital media and of course photography), this show should be of great variety!

I am also in the process of updating my portfolio with more fashion photos as this is what I'd like to get into for now. I just want to get away from this 'fine art' approach of Central Saint Martins for a while and just shoot my own little projects, without having to back them up with countless pages of research to prove that in fact, I do have a point to make.
Maybe I will post some of the pictures on here, I am not sure whether my deviantART gallery is suitable for that or not?

As I am not very active on here for now (too much going on), follow my updates on twitter. Yes I have given into the great world of twitter too. I am so weak.

Also, before I forget, do you guys know of any artists (especially photographers) that work with their mother (or at least photograph them)? If so, please write their name into a comment, that would be very helpful for my research!

And yeah. This is the end of this unconstructed journal. Time to go to uni to edit some more.
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Dear Supporter of The Impossible Project,

the pleasure is all ours to herewith inform you about the latest and likewise groundbreaking news regarding our quest to keep Instant Photography alive by re-inventing a new analog integral film for vintage Polaroid cameras.

Already holding the first working hand-coated samples in our trembling hands, we are pleased to herewith announce an epoch making cooperation between Polaroid (who can no longer resist the stir we are making) and The Impossible Project:

The new licensee of the Polaroid Brand – The Summit Global Group – will re-launch the legendary Polaroid One Step Camera and is therefore commissioning The Impossible Project to develop and produce a limited edition of Polaroid branded Instant Films in the middle of 2010.

We are proud and excited that our ambitions and all the relentless work we have already invested are now becoming the foundation for Polaroid's comeback as a producer of Instant Cameras.

Large-scale production and worldwide sale of The Impossible Project's new integral film materials under its own brand will already start in the beginning of 2010 - with a brand new and astonishing black and white Instant Film and the first colour films to follow in the course of the year.

At this point we would like to thank every single one of your for all your overwhelming support so far- THANK YOU! It's fair to say that we wouldn't be where we are now if it was not for all your help.

For further developments, upcoming news and detailed updates please stay tuned to


Dr. Florian Kaps, Founder of Polapremium & The Impossible Project


Mr Kaps, you made my day. <3
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Hi people,
I haven't updated this space in a while and I feel it is because my work has evolved quite a lot in the past few months. I am working on many different projects and I am not sure they belong here. It really feels like I have come a long way. I have learnt to conceptualize my ideas and thoughts and give my photos a context which was something I have always found very hard to do. At the same time, it feels like being taught photography made me lose some of my naive and spontaneous kind of approach to the medium which is a bit of a shame and which is something I am definitely going to work on as well. Being at university is a sort of challenge: finding yourself not to get lost amongst everyone.
In other words, I have not updated my gallery in very long, and it seems like I won't update it properly anytime soon, although I will definitely post here from time to time. Maybe more with my commercial/spontaneous shoots.

I have also bought (finally) my own domain. You can find me at For now, it links to my Tumblr account, but I will put up my website quite soon, I just need to update the gallery first. You can also follow me on my twitter. I am becoming a real web 2.0 bitch.

In other news, I just came back from a week in Berlin. Spent a lot of time with the lovely angelcurls, it was actually hard to go home. The food was great, we saw many exhibitions, the weather was beautiful and Berlin is such a great city to chill out that I will definitely go back to discover more. :)

That's all folks.
Take care of yourselves.
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2 min read
Hahaha sorry if I keep on posting bullshit in my dA journals. I found it hilarious so I just felt like sharing...
"Hi Eva
U R Fantastic lady.Thank you for adding. I hope you are doing great.You are a fantastic woman. indeed wish to establish firm relations with you. you are a wonderful woman one can always adore and live with.You look gorgeous with lovely smile...and sparkling eyes...and silky hairs...and sexy cuts...with nice selection of attire. I certainly wish to
know more about you...please send more spectacular pictures of yours...of party/family/leisure for me...on my above mail...waiting for your goodwill gesture... Lots of Love, Mubashir"

I :heart: Myspace, and THIS is just... priceless.

On another note, I am finally back in London, just started at CSM, and about to change jobs if everything goes well. Just got my Internet connection sorted out so I can get my cyber-life back.
Jk ofc...

Anyways, it looks like a lot of exciting projects are coming up, I'm currently working on my first brief: "Stories. Meet someone random, a total stranger, and tell the story of their life through a series of images." Sounds challenging but quite exciting so we'll see if I can come up with anything interesting. This also means I should post a lot more work in my gallery as I have been neglecting it for a while.
How's everyone doing?

That's all folks. Peace and love. :peace:
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So I found this great ad on Gumtree... Great flat, great location, actually cheap. Sent an email stating I was interested in the property and received an answer from this lovely man called Pastor Curtis Gunter. Here's the mail exchange.

"Hello ,
     Sorry for the late response and Thanks for your interest in my property. i am Pastor Curtis Gunter the owner of the Flat.The Flat is located at : Carrington House Hertford Street, Mayfair London W1J 7RG .Home with 2 bedrooms 2 full baths room, dining room, Large master bedroom, walkin closets.Easy access to shopping malls and plaza, close to all major roads,

  My wife and family have been relocated to West Africa with me here in lagos West africa for a missionary work.We will not be comming back until five yrs from now. Before we moved from London , i wanted to sell the house before Rita Gunter My wife advised that we should rent it out than to sell it.. On getting here, I discovered that my missionary work will last for 5 years so I decided to look for a responsible and caring person to maintain and take proper care of my House as I do.we search for a God fearing and reputable agent who can take good care of the house, but we couldn't get anyone then. We left with the key,
codes and papers. I'm willing to rent out the house to a tenant who is able to come up with 1 months and security deposit rent as a deposit and I will like him/her to assure me that the house will be properly managed. Concerning the lease, duration is minimum of 6months or as the tenent pleases.

   I'm giving out the property with such a reasonable amount £80 per week  and  £320 per month ,utilities included because I am only paying God back for his kindness and mercy
over me and my family with what I have, that`s why I asked for such a reasonable amount. It`s also a pride for me to work for him on a missionary work. Also I need someone/a family that will take good care of the house as their own property. Firstly,  you will not be able to go inside to see the house hence I have all the keys and security code here with me.

   If you can assure me that you can take proper care of the property and also you can afford 1 months rent and a security deposit,  There is a rent application form which I
will like you to fill and Send back to me. If you can do all this for me, then I will be willing to rent my house to you.

Looking forward to hear from you. Your full information will be used to process all documents that will be coming together with the keys leading to the house
and this will come to you through Fed Ex courier service. Thank you and remain Blessed.You can reach me on                   +2347037228305      
God Bless You

Pastor Curtis and family"

"Dear Pastor,
I actually considered your offer and have decided not to take it. I smoke pot, do drugs, am sexualy VERY active and venerate Satan.
I do apologise about wasting your time.

Kindest regards,
Eva Salvi"

no problem, you can smoke pot, do anything you want"

can I also venerate Satan in your bedroom?

Kindest regards,
Eva Salvi"

no problem, you can also venerate Satan in the  bedroom
so get back to me

"Dear Pastor,
thank you for answering so quickly. I have one last request, could you please send me a picture of you? I am only willing to rent a place that belongs to handsome people. Also would you care to pay us a visit every month to check on us?
If you do then we would be willing to rent your house.

Thank you for you kindness.
Kindest regards,

Eva Salvi"

He did not answer after that. I'm starting to think it's a scam... What do you think? :slow:
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