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Hahaha sorry if I keep on posting bullshit in my dA journals. I found it hilarious so I just felt like sharing...
"Hi Eva
U R Fantastic lady.Thank you for adding. I hope you are doing great.You are a fantastic woman. m...d@hotmail.com indeed wish to establish firm relations with you. you are a wonderful woman one can always adore and live with.You look gorgeous with lovely smile...and sparkling eyes...and silky hairs...and sexy cuts...with nice selection of attire. I certainly wish to
know more about you...please send more spectacular pictures of yours...of party/family/leisure for me...on my above mail...waiting for your goodwill gesture... Lots of Love, Mubashir"

I :heart: Myspace, and THIS is just... priceless.

On another note, I am finally back in London, just started at CSM, and about to change jobs if everything goes well. Just got my Internet connection sorted out so I can get my cyber-life back.
Jk ofc...

Anyways, it looks like a lot of exciting projects are coming up, I'm currently working on my first brief: "Stories. Meet someone random, a total stranger, and tell the story of their life through a series of images." Sounds challenging but quite exciting so we'll see if I can come up with anything interesting. This also means I should post a lot more work in my gallery as I have been neglecting it for a while.
How's everyone doing?

That's all folks. Peace and love. :peace:
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ahahahha this guy rocks!
wish i could think and behave like him!

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Hahaha I know, me too!
"He's got balls. I like balls." ⓒ Team America
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great to 'see' you back -- quite the interesting characters that float away onto the net -- later days
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Nice to see you too. :p
I received your note btw, have you been to London then?
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haven't been too London -- but i'm thinking of making a trip there at the end of the year -- will note you if i come -- later days
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well damn it, you do have "sexy cuts"...you totally brought it upon yourself.

The concept of the project is really great. Just stay away from Mubashir :D
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Haha I'll try to but damn that guy is attractive.. He definitely knows how to seduce women... You should see the photo too... XD
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I want to see that photo :drool: Don't save it all for yourself. haha
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Oh he's totally right. I only go for chicks with sparkling eyes. Way more important than things like personality and silky hairs.

& lol @ people still using MySpace
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MySpace can be great for networking I have to admit. Which is why I still have a profile on there. But the amount of fuckers on it is... incredible.
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I found like 10 friends I knew in the past over like 2 years, the rest were just random people adding me to jack up their friends count and maybe 10 others that I talk to online.

I've found over 100 of my past friends and distant associates in 6 months on FB. So as far as social networking goes, I think MySpace epic fails. I think it's just good for advertising yourself for whatever it is you do, at least that's the plan for me whenever I get around to redoing my page. MS is just way more public that way.
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You pretty much summed up my whole theory. :)
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You should just marry Mubashir. He seems to be a nice guy. Really.

Oh but of course you can also marry me. I love silky hair and the nice selection of attire is also a nice to have! Should I mail you through MySpace? :P
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Yes all those requests have to go through Myspace. That's where I collect all the junk mail. Thank you! :)
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Firm relations indeed. I'm interested to know more about these sexy cuts too.
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Yeah wtf is sexy cuts supposed to mean? Hahaha. That guy is awesome. Gav, you cannot compete!
jeej83's avatar
You're just fooling yourself if you think I cant compete...
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Sly and the family Stone is pure, sheer, mega awesome :)
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sorry, i'm sticking to facefook for the next time.
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Hmm I agree with Cha, it sounds dodgy. >_>
Facefook al the way. Let's undress.
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sticking ? dry sperm ? :flirty:
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you're just jealous.
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