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Hi guys,

I realised yesterday I hadn't updated this page in ages. So much has changed.
I am now about to finish my MA at Central Saint Martins (only one month left) and in the process of selecting and editing the final pictures that will go on the wall.
All of it was shot on my Bronica SQ-A and our Nikon scanner just keeps fucking up the tones of the film so that means hours spent in Camera Raw to get the original tones back and to get rid of the dust... This whole process is exhausting.

To those of you who are in London in June, come see our show at the Rochelle School from the beginning of June to the 12th. With 65 of us exhibiting and 4 different pathways (illustration, graphic design digital media and of course photography), this show should be of great variety!

I am also in the process of updating my portfolio with more fashion photos as this is what I'd like to get into for now. I just want to get away from this 'fine art' approach of Central Saint Martins for a while and just shoot my own little projects, without having to back them up with countless pages of research to prove that in fact, I do have a point to make.
Maybe I will post some of the pictures on here, I am not sure whether my deviantART gallery is suitable for that or not?

As I am not very active on here for now (too much going on), follow my updates on twitter. Yes I have given into the great world of twitter too. I am so weak.

Also, before I forget, do you guys know of any artists (especially photographers) that work with their mother (or at least photograph them)? If so, please write their name into a comment, that would be very helpful for my research!

And yeah. This is the end of this unconstructed journal. Time to go to uni to edit some more.
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all ball died?! =(

terry richardson often takes pics of his mom mehehe =P

finish the damned thing already. let's hear vacation plans.
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I know man! All ball looked exactly like my cat Sgt Pepper. Poor thing. :(
Believe me, I cannot wait to be finished. Holiday plans: one or two weeks in France maybe? That's about it really...

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in France?! that's lame =/ i guess i expected something crazier from you. you know.. as a reward for finishing up the MA and such..

i'm not really sure, i'll either go around europe or just sit on my ass at home. it all depends on my social variables.
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hey sweetie, i will try and visit you around that time. :) maybe its even summer by then! ;)
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Yay, that would be great. :) Will email you today about the website, I'm definitely up for it at it is 100 times better than what I could do haha. :p
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hey, when you spoke about the photographers photographing their mothers, it came immediatly to my head the image of larry sultan's mother and father. [link]
(but I think it's one of few photographs he has with his parents)

congrats on your MA!
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He was the first one my list. ;) 'Pictures from home' is an amazing series isn't it?

Thank you! :)
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yep! really a great series! there's also the famous richard billingham, which isn't the same relation larry sultan has with his parents, but it's quite nice!
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Had Billingham on my list too. ;) Cheers for the references though. :)
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Well, Kira photographs her mom a lot (but her grandparents even more), but you might already know her: [link]
Or are you looking for "pro's"?

Anywho, good luck with everything!
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Thanks Suze! I have seen her work before but it didn't come to my mind at all actually, I'll definitely look into it more.
Pros are welcome too! ;)
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