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Hi people,
I haven't updated this space in a while and I feel it is because my work has evolved quite a lot in the past few months. I am working on many different projects and I am not sure they belong here. It really feels like I have come a long way. I have learnt to conceptualize my ideas and thoughts and give my photos a context which was something I have always found very hard to do. At the same time, it feels like being taught photography made me lose some of my naive and spontaneous kind of approach to the medium which is a bit of a shame and which is something I am definitely going to work on as well. Being at university is a sort of challenge: finding yourself not to get lost amongst everyone.
In other words, I have not updated my gallery in very long, and it seems like I won't update it properly anytime soon, although I will definitely post here from time to time. Maybe more with my commercial/spontaneous shoots.

I have also bought (finally) my own domain. You can find me at For now, it links to my Tumblr account, but I will put up my website quite soon, I just need to update the gallery first. You can also follow me on my twitter. I am becoming a real web 2.0 bitch.

In other news, I just came back from a week in Berlin. Spent a lot of time with the lovely angelcurls, it was actually hard to go home. The food was great, we saw many exhibitions, the weather was beautiful and Berlin is such a great city to chill out that I will definitely go back to discover more. :)

That's all folks.
Take care of yourselves.
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great to see that the change gives meaning to your work -- as for the spontaneous side -- it will come back -- its just just for some time -- following you on twitter @jsookha -- later days
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:hug: It's good that you are conscious of where your work is going... :heart: I definitely look forward to new stuff from you, it'd be worth the wait!
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So nice to hear from you. Hope to see new photos soon.
PS I once had lunch for a week on scratch tickets...I just kept winning 10 dollars each time. But no jackpot yet.
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You know we miss you :P

I'll be following you on twitter. You can find me there too, @alexandreboutet
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I'm following you already! ;)
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Well, I was already following you :o You were so quiet I just forgot you were there :P

We'll be waiting for your website!
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hei, so good to hear from you again!
it seems you are doing well so far!
take care mademoiselle!
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Hey good to hear from you too, long time no speak! How have you been? :D
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I have been quite fine, thanks!
living in my snug corner right now and working hard because of my stubborn and idiot boss..
for the rest, im trying to stay in touch with photography but you know the time is not 48hrs per day... ;)

im following you at your blog-site now..
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Growing up huh? 8-)

It's so strange I rarely find my work taking me to Europe, even though it was the "heart" of culture... which now seems to be misplaced. :lol:

I need to come visit proper, but then will be back in Asia soon enough!

Nice to hear from you lovely. :D
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Yeah maybe... Not sure it is only about growing up.
You do need to come visit, especially cause it seems we won't stop by Vegas this time. :( So I guess I will see you in London when you make the trip here! :)
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You could always come out to Hong Kong one of these days. ;)
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hehe and im playing singstar too : )
mergana's avatar
YAY for Singstar! :D
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good to hear from you ;)
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Good to hear from you too! How have you been? :) I see you are now a senior member of the deviantART community... :p Congrats. ;)
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hehe `fancystuf : )

im very ok : ) living in good old vienna city :)
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Haha indeed, fancy you. :)
I was supposed to have a trip to Vienna in March and Ryanair fucked up my tickets. :( Morons.
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dont worry, im sure youll come one more time to vienna to have some wunderschön schnitzel.
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I had German schnitzel in Berlin actually... not bad at all! :p
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