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Hiya ^_^

Tarot card 20- the Judgment by rann-poisoncage
This card is very fitting of my current mood :) (and I got the whole Major Arcana tarot, it looks great :D )(so look at the other cards too, they're very nice ^_^ )
...Something happened, ever since I started playing Battlerite (I did tell you in the previous entry). I got a stronger and stronger will to work on drawings. I feel like I can draw everything and anything if I try hard enough! (but it will take time for sure). And with that... something artsy woke up in me. Some ever-flowing inspiration which I cannot even control... There are so many works I want to draw! And so many drafts too! I'm working on getting something done about it, it'll take some time (a lot of it since I'm so slow), but I'll revive this place! >:3

KheilaHirai is doing another raffle, I'm sharing that here if you guys wanna take part in it:  (WINNERS/CLOSED) ART RAFFLE! +1000 Watchers!- WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT -
1st Winner is:

:iconStarimo: Congratulations! I'll send you a note in few minutes!
2nd Winner is:

:iconpvposeur: Congratulations! I'll send you a note in few minutes too!
That's all! Thank you so much to all who participated and congratulations again to the winners!
Thank you so much for all for the support, have an amazing day and Merry Christmas!!
As promised, here is the art raffle for the +1000 watchers! Thank you so much for all the support! ;O; 
There will be two winners and the raffle will last till 24th of december. There is plenty of time to enter and so I can keep focusing on the commissions I have ^^
Good luck to everyon
 She's getting very skilled so give her your support :D
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  • Eating: Christmas chocolates :3
  • Drinking: Jardin du Luxembourg - Flavored Oolong tea
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December 7, 2017


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