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The Truth

The Truth.

Unlike my other drawings, this one's meaning is pretty deep - and I am not even sure I'll be able to put it in words...

So this is a symbolic drawing of the Universe - obviously, it looks like a big galaxy (although it isn't a scientifically accurate depiction of one). Yet it also tries to encompass everything this Universe is...
Full of curves.
Fractal (although I can't really draw that).
Always moving slowly.
With some violent, imprevisible bursts of energy.
And there is a big shining light at the middle - because it is the center of rotation of everything.
If you know where the center of rotation is, you could guess how and where everything will move...

I tried to draw this following the "spirit of the thing" in drawing - because that's how it always moves. In round, harmonous, perfect moves.
This is how everything works at its perfection.
I didn't really think of drawing this (I thought of pretty much Nothing except that goal of drawing it), yet it was done by my very own hands.
That's how the "spirit of the thing" works: not doing the thing, yet doing the thing.

I'm sorry if that doesn't make that much sense; after all, words aren't enough to express that. Try meditating on this all, and also on the Book of No-thing-ness in the "Book of Five Rings" by Miyamoto Musashi.
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Huh, I like this! 

Weirdly enough it reminds me a bit of a yugioh card I liked.