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How to make cheap alcohol markers! by Merengil How to make cheap alcohol markers! by Merengil
Kids should not do this. This involves handling 70% modified alcohol. Please be careful.

The featured drawing was only done with 2 markers : violet and yellow.

  • Very cheap alcohol markers! All the material costed me around 2 € (including alcohol) (although this obviously doesn't match Promarkers or the like - this is just... different)
  • Vivid marker colors!
  • Uniform colouring! (you don't have the crappy marker effect so it can be really pretty :) )
  • You actually don't need a ton of markers to make several shades of the same color :)

  • Smells a LOT like alcohol. So to avoid that, try to put the alcohol container as far as you when you draw, and try to wear appropriate breathing stuff.
  • Very aggressive against printing paper.

You need:
  • Very cheap markers (I bought mine 0.40 € / 0.45 $ the whole set of 15 markers)
  • 70% modified medical alcohol.

  • For the first use, put the marker's tip in alcohol for 2 min (I haven't tried to use a marker without doing that so I dunno what it'd do).
  • For next uses, put it in alcohol from 3 to 10s depending on the color you want. You will see the tip of the marker slowly becoming white as it remains in alcohol.
  • The more you let it in there, the lighter the colour will be. Then as you use the marker, the colour will grow darker, until it reaches its original tone (that happens in roughly as much time as you let it in alcohol). Consider this as reverse watercolor painting. If this is your first time doing this, I strongly advise that you try colouring on some useless paper first so you understand how this works.
  • This method is very aggressive against printing paper! So I advise you not to do this on it. It's still possible though, since that's what I use :P (I'm not a pro artist though xD ) Also, be careful: even light colours are aggressive against paper, so don't think that since this is a light color, it won't attack it much.

That's all folks! So let me know what you think of this, and have fun ;)
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May 7, 2016
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