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Finally... it is done! I have started an outlet for art t-shirts for anyone interested.
Three designs are available, more are coming.
And for the first 14 days - 15% discount!
Please spread the word!…
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The Winter Season is coming, with the new year just around the bend. Yet this year still is good for some surprises... with much joy I have received the news that again a piece of mine has been chosen for Windsong Foundation's annual Pagan Calendar!
Odin the Wanderer will be your warden of January, if you purchase this very special selection of pictures from artists from all around the world! So if anyone still is looking for a special gift for Yule or Christmas, this might be the place to go:…

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Still looking for the perfect Christmas/Yule present?
Look no further!
The 2017 Pagan Calendar, published by Windsong Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and continuation of polytheistic practices, gives you works from artists from across the world. Among them is featured a print of my Asa-Thor painting, which was picked exclusively for the calendar.
So, if you follow any Heathen tradition, whether you consider yourself Asatrú, Slavic or Celtic..., or just being in love with myth and culture, this might be the gift for you.

You can buy it via Amazon here:

Have a good Winter season and stay in good health!

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Again I have the pleasure to feature a bunch of gifted artists who delved into the realm of the mysterious and the macabre, and participated in the latest contest hosted by  group :icongrimgloomtale: , for this time also one in the realm of the wet and the fishy. To dream about mermaids can take you to memorable daydreams... I hope you will enjoy those the contest winners' entries will give you!

You can view all the entries here Mermaids - contest #14This contest has ended. The winners announement can be found here.
Bring on the singing.
The voting for this contest's theme was quite interesting to follow, and it gives some good suggestions for the next competitions, with mermaids gathering 26 votes, Scottish legends 25 votes, and witches 24 votes. This contest will be fishy.
Our Spring 2015 competition is a mixture of water and seductive singing, and there might be dinner involved. Are the mermaids nice and pretty, or rather the more believable dangerous hunters? Do they live in warm shelf waters, or are they the dwellers of the deep? Don't forget this group's name.
:bulletblack: Deadline: the 25th of July 2015
:bulletblack: Limit of submissions: one piece per member.
:bulletblack: The entry must be prepared for the contest precisely.
:bulletblack: The entry must follow the group rules.
:bulletblack: Lit
and the group's winning results here <da:thumb id="553162180"/>.

And the winners are...


Beach Holiday by Checanty The Cat and the Moon by Checanty Swept away by Checanty Banshee by Checanty


Waterbaby by Oddeum The Clockwork Wimble by Oddeum Signpost by Oddeum Part 1: Waiting by Oddeum


Enigma De Profundis by TrollGirl Psychopony by TrollGirl Wolf Yin Yang by TrollGirl Ravenheart by TrollGirl


Mature Content

Mature Content

SekhmetNo lion, but a lioness
Were you, their deity of war.
More often god; there, then, goddess,
No lion, but a lioness.
Men may make women powerless,
Yet whose the warlike, godlike roar?
No lion's, but a lioness'.
Were you their deity of war?

Mature Content


Mermaid and Merrow by erinclaireb Baobhan Sith Dance by erinclaireb Dragon Book Hoard by erinclaireb

Please give these special artists your time and consideration. Congratulations to you all!

There sure will be another interestings contests hosted, so you will read more like this.

Have an inspiring time,
Duncan Meredyth
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A little feature around the time of Spring... yet the contest has nothing to do with emerging flowers and funny hares... it is about visions of grim and somber tones usually, as this is another contest hosted by  group :icongrimgloomtale: and again, it is one worth of notice.
Resuming the pieces made for the contest It seems to me that the mood and colour of most are in a way lighter and more positive than common in this group. It might be that the topic 'time travelling device' has a more positive connotation than past themes and put more optimism into the artistic process. Within the literary entries however, there are some distinctly ghastly piecesworth reading. Altogether it is a contest showing much diversity and is therefore fun to present.
You can view all the entries here Traveller in Time - contest #13This contest has ended. The winners announcement can be found here.
Just one.
How many scientists does it take to invent a time machine?
A portal or an elevator, or perhaps a corridor with lots and lots of doors... how would you prefer to go back or forth and skip some years on your way? What would you wear to fit into the period? Would you take someone with you? Or maybe some unexpected companion was revealed, after hiding behind a curtain or under the stairs.
In this last contest of 2014, your task is to venture into the realm of time travellers. Is your time machine an actual machine, or just a doorway in the basement? Your task is to figure it out and describe or depict. You might present it in any time or place you want (remembering The Rules concerning modern things, please see to it to get the details). How about an alter
and the group's winning results here <da:thumb id="520337045"/>.

Now to the winners' feature.

:iconevagataartist: is simply amazing, I don't know what else to say about her ;) Her entry for the contest was my favourite, so I'm doubly glad to feature her work here.

Here-and-Now by EvaGataArtist Giving by EvaGataArtist Daenerys Targaryen and the silver by EvaGataArtist Hope for Better by EvaGataArtist Guildwars Mania by EvaGataArtist

:iconsquidmaiden: and :iconalicenact: both deliver stunning visual art. They made places 2 and 3.

To see Clio's face by squidmaiden Whoa, what a secret! by squidmaiden Green side of Vintage by squidmaiden

My Mistress Of Time by AliceNACT

Mature Content

Rosy Bust by AliceNACT
Shattered Dreams by AliceNACT

:iconpennedinwhite: and :iconmagicaljoey: both won places in the literature branch - a seperate category for the first time.
The Little Time TravelerIt was his masterpiece; a simple cardboard box created by a little boy's imagination. As a canvas for his markers, colorful lines swirled along the sides. Each line told a story of excitement and adventure: thrilling times for a little boy and his ever faithful companion. He held Teddy in his arms, knowing his friend's purpose took much care to achieve; his protector from terrible evils.
Lively blue eyes glanced at the fuzzy friend as a big grin was plastered on the little boy's face. The things they had seen on their journeys, defied everything the world had tried to teach them to believe, but they maintained they were too young to believe the world's words. They just wanted to explore the universe for themselves.
Gathering himself up, he sat Teddy down in a chair and made his way to his closet. Sifting through the shirts and trousers, he found his travel clothes and presents them to Teddy; a brown newsboy cap, pants, and shoes with a plaid bow-tie and suspenders. He also found Teddy&
<da:thumb id="392948121"/> I Can, I Will, I Have Done“You can’t.”
That’s how it started. A boy, a girl and the words, “You can’t”.
With her mother having died from pneumonia, only six months earlier, Suzie arrived at her 21st birthday realising little else had changed in her life. Her sole purpose was now to keep the house in order, an ordeal which started before dawn and ended way after her father and brother had gone to bed. There was bread to bake, grocery shopping to do, cleaning, cooking; the list was endless and she collapsed into bed at night for a fitful few hours sleep grabbed between her loads of work.
“Why was I born different ma?” She spoke to her mother as if she was there listening. “Why was I born like you, with the female body parts? All I want is to be like Phillip – he can run about, he can vote for change, a change that doesn’t affect me so much as him and father.” A small tear trickled down her cheek. “I’m clever too ma, smarter
Will I always wake?
I sleep and dream.
Fighting sleep I dream worse than before
Until I wake no more.
I will not always wake.

Please give them your attention, you will enjoy your time. I am looking forward for the next contest... and another great display of dark and gloomy art in excellence!
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