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Morticia and Death


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Morticia and Death


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The Adventure Begins - contest #11

This contest has ended. The winners announcement can be found here. Pack your socks and Narnia maps, and don't forget about the handkerchief! After listening to your comments, I decided to postpone my prepared theme and go along Oddeum ('s idea, which was earlier widely endorsed by other GrimGloomTalers. It's not about the adventure itself - it's about how it begins. A carefully planned journey with a backpack full of anything you could possibly need (and plenty of things you'd not need anyway)? Or did you just get into a crazy run with an armed tanuki escaping from a horde of legged fish? Or perhaps you're still sitting on the

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It was on a midnight dreary, When I sat alone and weary, Battling with my favorite air On the lute to my despair, That an inkling of a presence Like the echo of an essence Did assemble in the room Rising softly from the gloom. I had tried with all my might And attracted by my plight It seemed to creep up from behind A face austere but also kind With pointed beard and longish hair And an eager watchful air, And I knew the very name That would put my play to shame. “Master, will you pardon me, For the mess I made of thee And your work of inspiration. Oh, my hands bring desecration Onto every single part. Surely this will break your heart!


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