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An Audience with Princess Luna by MeredithHamil An Audience with Princess Luna :iconmeredithhamil:MeredithHamil 9 1 :Commission: Wild Sketchy Rule 63 by MeredithHamil :Commission: Wild Sketchy Rule 63 :iconmeredithhamil:MeredithHamil 20 16
Melodyna: The Protector of Humans - Chapter 1
Melodyna was but a simple, young thing. She had all the freedom in her existence, or so others saw it. Being a goddess does have its benefits, but none thought of any real limits it could have. She had lived for a very long time and sat with the other gods up in heaven, including the Father God, the ruler over all. She watched as a small seven-year-old equivalent human child while the universe and the earth was created. She even braved playing on it with her best friend, confidant, and “shining star,” Lucifer on the day Father rested. The Earth to her was a fascinating place to explore. One taste of it made her crave for more.
She knelt down over the world watching from Heaven on high, unfocused on her training. She was that of a thirteen-year-old equivalent human now. Her dress draped down her highlighting her curves brilliantly and glistened in the light surrounding the environment. Her dress’ color blended perfectly with her honey brown hair and her saltwater blue
:iconmeredithhamil:MeredithHamil 1 3
Misty Spy Lipsync by MeredithHamil Misty Spy Lipsync :iconmeredithhamil:MeredithHamil 7 3 :Commission: Jungle Heart Tarzan Beating by MeredithHamil :Commission: Jungle Heart Tarzan Beating :iconmeredithhamil:MeredithHamil 14 11 Aeon of Dreams by MeredithHamil Aeon of Dreams :iconmeredithhamil:MeredithHamil 7 7 *Commission* Sonicdom7 Rule 63 by MeredithHamil *Commission* Sonicdom7 Rule 63 :iconmeredithhamil:MeredithHamil 11 1 Blue Feather Cover Art by MeredithHamil Blue Feather Cover Art :iconmeredithhamil:MeredithHamil 2 1 Commander FireBrand Rule 63 by MeredithHamil Commander FireBrand Rule 63 :iconmeredithhamil:MeredithHamil 39 19 Ink Rose Rule 63 by MeredithHamil Ink Rose Rule 63 :iconmeredithhamil:MeredithHamil 34 38 MisAnthroPony Rule 63 by MeredithHamil MisAnthroPony Rule 63 :iconmeredithhamil:MeredithHamil 41 14 Eliyora Rule 63 by MeredithHamil Eliyora Rule 63 :iconmeredithhamil:MeredithHamil 37 10 Cosmo Logic Rule 63 by MeredithHamil Cosmo Logic Rule 63 :iconmeredithhamil:MeredithHamil 28 18 Cosmo-Phantom Ship by MeredithHamil Cosmo-Phantom Ship :iconmeredithhamil:MeredithHamil 13 3 Electro Gamer Side Disappointed Flap (1) by MeredithHamil Electro Gamer Side Disappointed Flap (1) :iconmeredithhamil:MeredithHamil 6 0 Electro Gamer Side Disappointed Flap (2) by MeredithHamil Electro Gamer Side Disappointed Flap (2) :iconmeredithhamil:MeredithHamil 5 0


Albedo by zumidraws Albedo :iconzumidraws:zumidraws 4,230 120 The Banishment of Malachlabra by octogone The Banishment of Malachlabra :iconoctogone:octogone 13 0 My best friend by Xxbronydragon My best friend :iconxxbronydragon:Xxbronydragon 3 2 [SFM/Gmod] Fleur De Lis by Sindroom [SFM/Gmod] Fleur De Lis :iconsindroom:Sindroom 128 21 Cherry Patterns by suztv Cherry Patterns :iconsuztv:suztv 38 0 Rose seamless tiling textures by suztv Rose seamless tiling textures :iconsuztv:suztv 15 6 Turquoise Seamless Texture by suztv Turquoise Seamless Texture :iconsuztv:suztv 33 9 Rose Quartz Seamless texture by suztv Rose Quartz Seamless texture :iconsuztv:suztv 43 11 Fire Opal Seamless texture by suztv Fire Opal Seamless texture :iconsuztv:suztv 65 11 Misty Phantom ride Wheelie  by Xxbronydragon Misty Phantom ride Wheelie :iconxxbronydragon:Xxbronydragon 4 2 The Secret Rift Cafe Portrait 2017 by Lightning-Bliss The Secret Rift Cafe Portrait 2017 :iconlightning-bliss:Lightning-Bliss 358 94 [SFM/Gmod] Princess Luna S1 by Sindroom [SFM/Gmod] Princess Luna S1 :iconsindroom:Sindroom 239 39 Noi (DL) by Legoguy9875 Noi (DL) :iconlegoguy9875:Legoguy9875 21 8 Maddie Cupcake by Firefall-MLP Maddie Cupcake :iconfirefall-mlp:Firefall-MLP 21 10 Come on Firebrand, Say hi to him! by Firefall-MLP Come on Firebrand, Say hi to him! :iconfirefall-mlp:Firefall-MLP 105 50 Volcarona by Masae Volcarona :iconmasae:Masae 384 14


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An Audience with Princess Luna
I saw that there was finally a Fleur-Di-Lise model available and wondered how much bigger is she compared to the Luna model. Although, it seemed boring just to put them side by side, so I decided to have some fun with it. I tried to make it look like Fleur was genuinely happy to see her, but it kinda looks a little bit of a fake smile, and Luna's expression was meant to seem like was happy to see an old friend. It's kinda my head-cannon that these two would be really good friends with each other if we saw them interact with each other in the show. I like this picture a lot.
Melodyna was but a simple, young thing. She had all the freedom in her existence, or so others saw it. Being a goddess does have its benefits, but none thought of any real limits it could have. She had lived for a very long time and sat with the other gods up in heaven, including the Father God, the ruler over all. She watched as a small seven-year-old equivalent human child while the universe and the earth was created. She even braved playing on it with her best friend, confidant, and “shining star,” Lucifer on the day Father rested. The Earth to her was a fascinating place to explore. One taste of it made her crave for more.
She knelt down over the world watching from Heaven on high, unfocused on her training. She was that of a thirteen-year-old equivalent human now. Her dress draped down her highlighting her curves brilliantly and glistened in the light surrounding the environment. Her dress’ color blended perfectly with her honey brown hair and her saltwater blue eyes danced with joy as she saw the planet once again. She decided to take the opportunity to slip away and to try and go down to play again. Ensuring that her teacher of shape-shifting, The Mass-less Shapeshifter, Misty, was not observing her, she hastily ran off and down the golden roads of Heaven. All she had to do was make it to the portal door. Once she passed through, she would have so much fun playing with the creatures down below. How all the reptile monsters and she would interact and enjoy each other made her giddy with anticipation.
“And just where do you think you are going, young one?” said a gravely, eerie, ethereal voice from off to the side as she was grabbed at the waist and picked up. The hands were more frigid than any winter ever experienced, black from rot and decomposing skin and flesh to the point where it merely wrapped around bones. Covered in a flowing cloak that moved like a tapestry in the wind at all times and as touch-less as smoke. Hollowed eyes of black emptiness would stare into even the most vigorous souls and cause them to go mad from insanity. This was Death. This was her uncle.
“Off to play.” She said openly.
“If you're going off to play inside the gates of Heaven,” Death returned as he spun her in his grip. “Then that must mean you're completely done with classes for the day? Paid attention to all of your teachers? Gave each lesson learned an hour of practice for Demonstration Time the following session?”
A fog of white mist floated down to the scene. Just as it stopped next to the towering God of the Dead, it dropped to the golden pathway and exploded outward, taking the form of a lavender haired woman with eyes as blue as sapphires dressed in a subtle shade of pink for her halter-top short dress. “Nope.” This older woman said as she manifested. “She ran out on me as I was explaining the importance of fog flight and its practical uses.”
Death turned to the squirming little Goddess in his hands and gave a hard stare as he lowered his decaying skull-like head. “If that is the case, then that must mean she knows all about it already and can give us a full demonstration right now. Do you think that's fair, Phantom Shifter?”
“I believe I do.”
Death set Melodyna down immediately and waited patiently for her “successful transformation.” Melodyna took her index figures and wiped tears from both her eyes. Cupping her hands, she then blew on them, and her body began to form into water vapor. She lasted for three mere seconds before turning back into her true form and landing on her rear. She looked up in shock and concern at the two adults standing before her, who gazed back with furrowed eyebrows and glowing red uncle eyes. She giggled lightly as she tried to rise, only to be stopped by a single bony finger on the crown of her head.
“That's two extra hours of practice time for you, young one,” He said with deep assertion. “I shall have no tolerance for skipping on training sessions. Do it again, and I shall not send you down to the Fire Hell to clean the River of Flame with no protection.”
“Uncle, I promise I was…” Melodyna began.
He cut her off immediately. “Don't! I will not hear any of your promises. You know that travel to the Earth down below is strictly forbidden to all of the Gods. Why do you choose to abandon your duties?”
“I'm not abandoning anything.” She protested. “I wanna play. Lucifer, Sabrina, and Garlanneed all get to do what they choose to. I always get in trouble for wanting to do what I want to though.”
“Sabrina and Garlanneed stay until their studies are done, and Father has other plans for the older Lucifer you speak of. You need to learn some patience child. He has plans for you too if you'd stay up here with the rest of us.”
“The world down there is imperfect,” Misty added. “It's filled with danger and elements you can't handle quite yet. You must always remember that you have been created with a purpose. That purpose will become clear to you in time.”
“Yeah, and my purpose is here, right?” gruffed Melodyna. “I'm the ‘Jewel of Heaven' as the Gods claim, and yet I still feel like I'm treated like a child.”
“You are still a child, young one.” Death retorted as he stood her up. “You're always going to be a child to Father and I. I know you're excited and interested about that planet, but the trouble is that you have other duties here. You need to realize that you need to take responsibility first and foremost.”
“I perform my duties and perform them well. I want to explore! So many interesting things can come from this planet. Father God tells of plans to make creatures that match us. Hair flowing down their backs, skins of all types, and intellect that can match a powerful God or even rival them. Doesn't it interest you? Doesn't it seem like the perfect opportunity to study them? To walk among them and learn from them?”
“You speak like you want to walk along them as an equal,” Misty stated curiously. “A Goddess like you walking with them can be dangerous. You bear great power, Melodyna. You are true neutral ground as you are the one with perfectly balanced powers. You are the protector of this balance. Allowing you to walk among them that way could cause them to upset the balance. It's easy to tip a full glass if the cup is delicate.”
Melodyna swung her long red tail behind her as she listened. It grew slender and pointed at the end. Associated nowadays as a demon’s stereotypical portrayed tail in cartoons and television shows, but with her and a few others, it was a sign of possession of the Dark Arts before the separation of Heaven and Hell. It was called the Dark Masters Arm among them. Her fingers slandered out into claws as well. Sharp nails that could slice a throat in an instant rested on her forearms as she stood still. The gravity of the teacher's words did not fall on deaf ears, but she didn't act very happy that her capabilities were called into play.
“It's also due to my inexperience right?” The young Goddess remarked. “Are you afraid of me falling victim to some trap I won't expect?”
“Exactly, young one.” Death replied. “We know that with practice and time you can be trusted, but doesn't guarantee we can trust anyone outside our kind.”
“Maybe, if you gave those who existed outside of our own a chance… a real chance… you could find out that not everyone is made equally impulsive and impure.” With that final word, her eyes shined the color of opal for a mere moment. Two giant wings of flame extended from her out of nowhere and were attached to nothing at all. She flew away from them, and Death unleashed a sigh of discontent.
“When are you going to learn, young one?” he asked just before turning his attention to the shapeshifter, who returned his concern. The rules were so because the earth was not ready for the Gods of Heaven to go down to it. Her impatience would be all for naught in time, but stubbornness got the better of her due to her young mind. Teenagers let their head dictate their actions from what he had seen. The last thing he wanted was for a decision she made on impulse be her reckoning.
Melodyna puffed a tuft of cloud upward, let it reform, then used her magic to bring it back down to her. She continued to cycle between these three events for a few moments. She was as solemn as a freshly dead soul with unfulfilled purpose. Her sigh was long, deep and heavy as she rolled to one side and looked down again upon the earth below her using a magic portal, clutching the cloud in her fist. These portals act more like windows than entrances she discovered, or else she’d use it in a heartbeat to go down there herself. No one to stop her. No one would be the wiser. No one to tell her what to do or how to think.
So she hoped. The only way to know was out of her reach, it seemed. She curled herself with furrowed eyebrows and a long frown across her face. What is being a Goddess good for? She asked herself. As she thought that, she found her small cloud in her palm still. Some of the white cotton vapor escaped between her fingers trying to find a way out of her grasp. She sympathized with it and opened her hand. The cloud disintegrated as it flew away far from her. She laid down and poked the window that looked on the spinning planet down below. What is being able to watch good for if you can’t experience it?
“Crying again?” said a voice as he plopped down next to her head. Melodyna shuffled a bit as she adjusted herself to look at who visited her. If there were ever an origin for “tall, dark, and handsome” it would be him. He was big, buff, hair black as night, brown-skinned from roasting in the sun it seemed, yellow iris’ danced with red pupils like the perfect couple, his black horns short and stout, and curved upwards toward the sky like a crown, his long, pointed tail swayed back and forth behind him, and he was ordained in a warrior’s armor, cloak and garb. This was Lucifer in his true form. This was her first soulmate.
“Go away, spoiled ass.” she retorted gruffly knocking him in the back of the head once with her tail. He reacted and acknowledged the hit, but did not remove himself.
“You know, you really need to stop with the temper tantrums,” Lucifer remarked. “They make you look like a little bitch.” He caught the end of her tail as she came back around for another strike. “Also, quit hitting me with this thing or I’ll yank it out of your ass! It’s really annoying!”
“I didn’t throw a tantrum.” Melodyna protested. “I simply spoke my mind.” She was met with a hard neutral expression. His left eyebrow raised and eyes that peered deep into her soul. This made her very irritated and uncomfortable. “Don’t look at me like that! I didn’t throw a tantrum! I said what I mean and mean what I say, damn it!”
“Then what do you call this little fit you’re having right now?” he inquired as he hovered his index finger and circled the circumference of her nose. She batted at his hand and stuck her tongue out. “This is exactly what I’m talking about, Melodyna. If you really want to go back to Earth that badly, you should go ask Boss.”
“Father God forbade it the last time I asked,” she explained.
“So, go ask again. It’s been some years since then. He could’ve changed his mind.”
“Uncle Death won’t let me even try to ask. He keeps catching me right before I get to the entryway. ‘A child should go finish their training like a proper young acolyte.’ he says. ‘Sabrina and Garlanneed do what they’re supposed to the first time.’ he says. He acts like he’s my actual father.”
“No, that’s Boss. You really do let Death push you around; you know that right? Maybe if you showed some backbone for once, he’d treat you like you command respect.”
Melodyna rolled over onto her belly chuckling slightly. “What do you expect me to do; tell him to go fuck himself?” she asked as she playfully tapped the young God on the nose. “If not Death trying to keep me here in Heaven, it will be Beelzebub trying to get me away from you.”
Lucifer chuckled slightly as he rolled his eyes and smoked on a cigar he held between two fingers. As he puffed out a bit of smoke, he turned back to her saying, “Beelzebub thinks he can play father to you because he used to fuck that tight pussy of yours. He doesn’t quite get that you and I are betrothed.”
“How come you don't do anything about it then?” she asked. “You know he does it so why don't you tell him to stop?”
“Because if I did everything for you, you would never learn how to stand up for yourself.” He responded, bringing the cigar up to his mouth to inhale on it more. He puffed out more smoke before speaking again. “You shouldn't always depend on somebody else to solve all your problems for you. If you do that then you will have no growth.”
“But, I'm not asking you to solve all my problems for me. I'm just asking why he doesn't bother you.”
Lucifer flicked some of his ash away from her. “Because the little bitch couldn't stand up to me if he wanted to.” He inhaled on the cigar again. “He knows better than to challenge me because I’d leave him groveling for mercy within a single motion.”
“Yeah, I know. Your sword, correct? I’d hate to have you as my executioner. I may be rebellious, but I refuse to do anything to be permanently erased from existence.” Melodyna shuddered at the very notion as she sat up and put a firm grip on her neck. A look of pure terror drawn across her face as if she had been thoroughly beaten by an abuser. Lucifer took one glance at her and rolled his eyes.
“Quit that.” He said. “You know you’re not going to be Put to Removal like that. You’re childlike/childish and maybe a bit stupid, but you’re not that stupid. You’d have to do something really fucked for you to be sentenced to that.” He inhaled on his cigar once more as she adjusted herself to face him.
“It can happen to anyone.” She told him. “Father God said so.”
“That doesn’t mean it will. Who told you that? Death?” She nodded in response. “Figures he would tell you that. Everyone seems to want to cash in on the “Fear of God” nonsense. Trust me, if you knew him like I do, you know that those rumors are just to get you to behave and that they’re over exaggerated to the point of being outlandish. They have some truth, but not to the point you’ve heard.”
Melodyna gave him a confused look. “Death wouldn’t exaggerate the truth or lie to me.” Lucifer shot her a look, almost to silently tell her to rethink what she had just stated. It made her pause to recall the past for a brief moment but her thoughts were interrupted with the sound of howling in the distance. They both turned to see a large white wolf mounted at the top of the hill to the northwest of their position. It was as white as snow and had short haired fur that was perfectly brushed. This wolf looked at them with slate colored eyes as it approached them briskly. Melodyna helped Lucifer to stand after he flicked away the butt of his cigar and they looked down at the creature as it knelt before them.
“Aniu, you know I don’t like that formality.” Melodyna addressed the animal. “It’s alright to stand up.”
“You have my permission, too, if you’re worried about it,” Lucifer added.
“Thank you for your permission, your highnesses.” The wolf said using telepathic powers. She preferred using this method to speak as she hated the sound of her echoed tone of voice when she spoke out of her muzzle. “What were you both doing way out here on Heaven’s Edge?”
“Melodyna was crying again,” Lucifer said with a smug expression on his face.
“I wasn’t crying!” She protested. He just shook his head and rolled his eyes again at her outburst with a big grin. Even Aniu couldn't keep herself from chuckling slightly. With a groan, Melodyna sighed and gave up the fight. “What brings you out here, Aniu?”
“I was sent to look for you, Mistress Melodyna.” Aniu explained. “Your twin sister has requested you come to see her and insists it instantly. First, are you alright? What ailed you so that you isolated yourself?”
“What else would she be crying about?” Lucifer said ruffling up the top of Melodyna’s hair. “She’s throwing tantrums that she can’t go back to Earth to have fun.”
“Did Lord Death yell at you again, Mistress?” Aniu inquired.
“No, he didn’t.” The Goddess reassured her wolf companion. “His tone got forceful, but he didn’t raise his volume. Now, what does Sabrina need from me?”
“She requests you and her have a picnic in the park to get the chance to talk. She wants to spend time with you after all the rigorous efforts she’s made over the last few weeks. She heard how lonely you were all by yourself.”
“That sounds like a wonderful idea!” Melodyna was gitty with excitement. Jumping up and down with a happy smile at the very thought of getting to be with her older twin. Lucifer chuckled seeing her like this.
“She even said you could bring Lucifer if you so desired.” Aniu added.
With that brought up, the young Goddess gave the Lord her full attention. “Would you care to join Sabrina and me on a picnic in the park, my Shining Star?” she asked him with no hesitation.
“Sure.” he simply said. “I got another hour and a half before I got to go back to combat training. It sounds like it would be a lot of fun.”
With everything settled, Melodyna told Aniu, “Lead on, my friend.” On that order, Aniu became the escort, and they went on their way to the park.
Melodyna: The Protector of Humans - Chapter 1
This story does not follow the rules of traditional religion. It has religious based characters and does not support much of any Holy Book you’ve ever read before. The character Melodyna is not meant to replace any Holy figure. I just wanted to write a story about a Goddess and felt this was the best setting with a story like this. This story is not meant to offend anyone. This about my character and the journey she goes through. Read at your discretion.
So, I got some good news. I'm getting a new job. I start training on the 13th of August and it will be Monday-Friday. So, I was thinking I would mark the occasion of my first paycheck from my new job with a special Livestream that Saturday. I'll do Rule 63's, a special gift picture for Josh, and a couple of other things I have planned. Before, I was just using Adobe Animate to do my drawings cause my laptop doesn't have a CD-Rom drive for my Manga Studio, but when I get my new paycheck I plan to get Photoshop and a couple of other programs to help with my animation ideas and practices. I want you guys to be part of what projects I should take on, and what I can do to improve what I submit here. I'm glad to be getting these chances and I want you all to enjoy them with me. I'm excited, first to be getting out of the food industry (and Taco Hell!) and to be getting a new chance to have fun drawing again!

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