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Melinda Ghost by MeredithHamil Melinda Ghost by MeredithHamil

Name: Melinda Ghost

Breed: Unicorn

Magic Aura Color: Candle Light Yellow (I call it that, at least. ID Code in Photoshop FFC900)

Age: 17 (Birthday : April 2nd)

Mother: Fantasia Anastasia

Father: Spooky Spectrum

Sister: Misteria “Misty” Phantom

Other Known Family: Solar Soul (Great-great-great Grandfather; Deceased)

Friends: Moonlight Serenade (Half-Seapony, Half-Siren)


Melinda Ghost is a giant bundle of energy that almost no one can contain. Sometimes, the only pony who can put up with her overexcitement is her older sister, Misty. She loves it when Nightmare Night comes around, because it’s the one day of the year when everypony gets pranked, and she’s the first one to start them. She makes all of her own costumes, and owns her own costume shop called “Spooky Specter Disguises”, which Misty helps her to manage.


When she was a filly, she was obsessed with making others smile and laugh. She loved entertaining them by putting on costumes and using them to tell stories. Her friends enjoyed her little shows so much, they recommend her to audition for the school play once, and received lead role. She was never more popular than her sister during childhood, not that she ever really cared. She admires her older sister for how strong she is and how she does not falter in her beliefs. Melinda is said to never leave Misty’s side, unless she feels that Misty is being too stubborn. In fact, she claims that Misty is her inspiration for her colorful costumes and cheerful personality most of the time.


When it was nearing her turn to present herself to the Elders, she was assigned the Creativity Spell. When she researched her spell, she discovered that nearly all of the previous presenters almost failed to create anything they hadn’t already seen. Melinda didn’t have any trouble being creative, but she feared just using the spell to create something wouldn’t be enough. Then, all of a sudden, an idea sparked in her head. For the entire week, Melinda practiced in front of her sister. Entertaining her with her mock presentation, changing it up every now and then to keep it fresh. Misty hugged Melinda and told her how proud she was of her.


Then, the day came, and Melinda couldn’t be more confident that she would dazzle the villagers. However, as Misty walked her out to the presenter’s stage, and she stood before the Elders, she grew anxious. She leaned in and whispered to her elder sister, “What if they aren’t so easily entertained? I’ve never really had a tough crowd before.” Then, Misty stroked Melinda’s mane and told her, “Just remember that you’ve worked real hard to practice this routine, and no matter what any pony else says, you’re doing what you love and what you love alone.” These words put Melinda at ease, letting her take in a breath, and she confidently walked onto the stage.


Armed with a piece of white fabric, she bowed gracefully to the Elders and introduced herself and the spell she was going to present. As she levitated the fabric, she said, “However, this will not be your typical presentation. This presentation has multiple parts to it, so just sit back and enjoy the show, if you please.” Just then, she wrapped the fabric around herself, and casted the Creativity Spell to turn the simple fabric into a beautiful gown fit for a princess. Her hair was gorgeously done up in fancy curls and she had one a light shade of eye shadow, just to accent her beauty. When she was sure she had their attention, she began a story while acting like a princess. Suddenly, in the middle of it, she used the spell again to change her costume, into a much simpler witch’s costume, to give the feel of the story’s antagonist. She continued to change costumes and even used the spell to create small environments to enhance the setting. Everypony was entranced in her performance, nopony had ever attempted the spell so uniquely before. They laughed, they cried, they cried while they laughed. Melinda couldn’t have been happier to know she was entertaining them.


After her performance, the Elders approached and congratulated her. They told her that nopony had ever kept them so entertained while using a Creativity Spell. Even Tempus Ritual, the High Elder, still couldn’t keep from laughing. When he finally managed to calm himself, he asked her, “How did you manage to stay in character so well?” She smiled at him and simply said, “When you want to make everypony happy, it’s best to remember what you want to do for them. Keeping in character makes everything feel real and becomes more effective, especially if you want to convey a message.”


The Elders couldn’t agree with her more. With great pleasure, they passed her on her test. As everyone cheered for her, she took a bow once more, and her flank lit up. The light was slightly transparent and a shimmering white. Then, as she looked back, she realized she had gotten her cutie mark. A ghost coming out of a tombstone with some shading on the grave to give it a slightly creepy feel. She jumped for joy for gaining it on top of passing her magic test. Sometime later, when she learned and grew a little bit more, she received her Necklace of Maturity. It was an emerald dangling from a gold chain. Although, she'll sometimes replace the chain with a yellow ribbon if she's attending a party, to protect the original necklace. Tempus Ritual explained that the emerald was a representation of healing. “Sometimes, even a good laugh can cure even the worst of emotional turmoil.” She remembers him saying. She took those words to heart and has carried them with her to this day. She even incorporated them into her slogan for her shop, “Where scares can make you laugh and brighten a bad day.”


She currently fears for her sister’s mental health. She took notice about a month ago that Misty has suddenly become depressed. She knew that Misty was not one to let others know she was sad unless she absolutely had to talk about it, but Melinda never thought she would secluded herself so tightly. Even the simplest of jokes can’t seem to make her sister laugh anymore, even if she does get a smile. Melinda often wonders if it has something to do with Tempus Ritual and how the Temple of Magic is shut tight. From what she’d seen in the past, the doors only shut if danger was afoot, or if the Elders were in council, so for them to be shut so suddenly was not a good sign in anypony’s eyes. She wants to learn the truth as much as Misty does, but without access to the temple, there was no way to get it unless one of the other clan members knew something, but nopony wants to talk about it. What could be happening at the Temple of Magic? What’s on Misty’s mind? What happened to Tempus Ritual? Why are the Spooky Sisters barred from entering the temple to begin with? Discover the mystery as it unfolds.



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