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Twilight Spoilers

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No, I haven't read them, but I've read enough to know I don't want to. I couldn't resist drawing this.

- At some point this made it to the Twilight page of Encyclopedia Dramatica, which I find pretty funny :)
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Woahhh... it might hurt...
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You just won at the internet.
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Oh god. I needed that laugh
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How ungodly accurate... Ugh, the deathbaby was actually born with teeth, but I think you forgot the utterly gutwrenching CGI.
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Ooh this was way before the movies. That baby is creepy.
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XD Bellas to emotional though
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Ew...Now I remember this part.Your art is fantastic though and I just LOVE the way you've drawn them.
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:rofl: Okay, I'll admit, this is pretty funny. :XD:
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All I can think of when I read this is the diner scene from space balls...
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It is suppose to be a Xenomorph, and if u do not know what they are, watch Alien, or Aliens okay 
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obviously you've never seen spaceballs. the diner scene is a direct rip from the alien movies where the xenomorph chestburster sings "ragtime gal"
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i saw the movie okay.
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Then we're on the same page! X3
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Better than the real Twilight! Lmao. Thank I hate those books!!
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Renesmee doesn't look like that, although I have to say this was HILARIOUS!
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=_= i dnt think i can read the books again without this popping to my head now xD
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And this is why Twilight is the single (well, maybe not single) stupidest book series ever. :l
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crazydude159's avatar disturbing on so many levels.
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