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Emerald Dragon

Unfortunately the gold paint I used is not as sparkly in the scan.

Prints are available here: [link]

4x7 inches
Watercolor & acrylic

*please do not redistribute on other sites without permission*
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I love it, I have added to my xmas list of presents, easy shopping on deviant,LOL
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Amazing! I love the colours ;) Great job!
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Absolutely Beautiful Work!!!
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With gold paint, I usually merge two digitalized images: a classical scan, and a front-lighted photograph. From the photograph I extract only the golden reflexion (by selecting only a color range for instance), which I merge with the scan in Photoshop (on a separate layer, with the right amount of transparency). Usually, it succeeds in capturing the golden hues while retaining a good light control over the paint.

Gorgeous picture by the way.
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Hmmm, I've never had good luck with getting photos absolutely straight or as sharp as a scan.
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Sure, but here the idea is to extract only the golden sparkles from the photograph. So even a rough perspective correction to the photograph will do.
If you would like, you could send me both your scanned image and a photograph of the piece on which the golden hues show: I will try to build a composite image from that and send it back to you, as a test.
Your call. (it should not eat up too much of my time, so feel free to accept if it can help).
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I already sent the original to anthro con so it's probably too late at this point.
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The dragon looks adorable, and the colors look really nice.
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Well, doesn't sparkly stuff kinda depend on movement?
Cute! Though that big peacock feather seems to come out of nowhere... is there one attached to the other wing?
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Yeah, you kind of have to have the right lighting. The feather is attached to the one wing. I figure the other side would be covered by the rock.
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Oh that's lovely!
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Really amazing, the colors are splendid and such great details!
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beautiful colors
so cute...wanna pet it!
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Aww, that's adorable. I wanna pet it XD
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It's super flufy and cute!
I'm in love with it <3
great job =)
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"Unfortunately the gold paint I used is not as sparkly in the scan."

I think it's a gorgeous watercolor even without the gold.
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Thanks :) That part always looks cooler in person though.
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Beautiful colors.
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