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© 2006 - 2022 MercyWeCry
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Simply breathtaking. Thank you for sharing your imagination and allowing the download as well. You are appreciated (big smile)
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Hi. Could you please make me a logo? For now it's for a YouTube channel but later I will use it for a website, T-shirts, and my band logo. A kind of bloody semi-realistic heart (the shape of a real heart but not too much detail) in the middle of a black background. I would if I could but I can't pay you because I'm under 18 and have no credit card. PS: No  watermark/text/anything like that. The band and channel will be called Davey Jones' Locker but I don't want that to be written on the logo. PS: Please do the heart in colour and use a digital art program plz. :)
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Liked it!
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Holy... Amazing! :D
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Now you are talkin', this amazing, should be printed on some magazine. 
Awesome and very inspirational!
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Beautiful!!!! Love 

Je me suis permise d'illustrer un de mes poèmes avec votre superbe création (en citant votre nom et votre lien) sur mon blog ici :

J'espère que cela ne vous dérange pas, sinon n'hésitez pas à me le dire et j’ôterai immédiatement votre création.

Dyane alias Marsupillami
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love this image and it helped to inspire me too :D
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Dude, i <3 this image!
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Well done excellent work
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Visually striking; an amazing work!!!
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xxAgonisticMiseryxx's avatar
How beautiful, I wish this was splattered on my bedroom wall.
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interessant et original
you should put this on a shirt and sell it for 15 bucks a pop. You would get rich.
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Simply stunning .
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this is really kewl
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