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Fruit of the Spirit- word Art

This word Art print is based on the Bible verse in Galatians 5:22
Which says "The fruit of the Spirit is Love, joy,peace,patience,kindness,gentleness,faithfulness,gentleness and self-control"
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Zerg620's avatar
Why does mine say Gentleness in place of Perseverance?
Hi Zerg, good question? thanks so much for letting me know. I have checked several versions and they all do say gentleness. I must have been having a senior moment. I will edit this when i get a minute. Blessings Suzanne
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Just a friendly reminder, this deviation still says perseverance.
Thanks for the reminder, I will get to it, but it might be there for awhile as life is crazy in our house right now. sick children, heaps of work, a stressed husband and taking care of a mum inlaw with dementia. I think God will be ok with perseverance until I get round to editing it! xox haha maybe i put perserverance as that is what i need to keep going right now!
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If you have some spare time, why not check out my gallery and if you like funny, check out Cooper and Friends made by :iconamorous-inc:. The Pangea Comic is a blast!
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this looks awesome, I love that verse, not to mention its my faav camp song ;p
thanks so much for your lovely comment, it my fav too! xo
GuineaGirl106's avatar
np, i listen to it all the time!
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That looks amazing
Thanks so much xo
ThePenVsTheSword's avatar
thanks so much xo
ThePenVsTheSword's avatar
AcidicPudding's avatar
Something I'm praying for and would love to see in my life. ;A;
thanks so much, me too. We just have to stay attached to the branch and the fruit will grow! xox
rainbar's avatar
But the greatest of these is love...EPIC!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!
thanks so much, me too one of my favorite verses! xo
rainbar's avatar
I remember the VBS song that taught me that...I'm so nerdy
Awwh not nerdy, that is cute! xo
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