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So, I'm opening commissions for a small amount of time.

I will draw whatever suits you - everything but explicit sex scenes, as I do not particularly enjoy drawing them. Nudity and sexy are allright, though.
Keep in mind my style if you wish to commission me : I am not a very good realistic artist, and I kinda suck at portraits. I might be able to do manga, but honestly I think you can find way better artists at it than me. I will definitely decline your offer if I think I'm not able to draw it - or just won't draw it because I don't felle at ease with what you're asking.

How to proceed : 
- send me a note with "Commission" as a title. Explain what you want ; I will probably ask a few questions to be sure about what you really need. Send me references, or lots of details, if you're really picky about it - that's not a problem !
- once we're settled, I will send you the final price
- I start as soon as I received your payment. 
- I usually finish commissions within a week, if I'm not overwhelmed by sheer numbers.
- I will send you the file in any format you want (I usually work with 400dpi png files)
- if you want, I can send the original, but the shipping cost will be for you.

Characters :
- Simple bust portrait, pencil or inked ===> 5€

- Simple bust portrait, colored ===> 10€

- full character, pencil ===> 10€

- full character, inked ===> 15€

-full character, colored ===> 20€

Full scenes (setting, landscape, with or without character) :
Yeah, I know these are quite expensive, but remember it takes me a looot of time to draw these.
- full scene, inked ===> 30€

- full scene, colored ===> 35€

Any question, don't hesitate to comment here!