The Textures Feature Vol. VI

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Hi everyone!

I'm gonna keep this simple and quick and show you all the textures that recently caught my eye:

 MG 5183 als Smart-Objekt-1 Kopie by auriga1
Walls of Ruins 4 by Niedec-STOCK Glitter Texture by Emerald-Depths<da:thumb id="471730943"/>
<da:thumb id="473602207"/> Cracked Earth By Rvrage Deviantart (FREE TEXTURE) by rvrage Lichen Map by tangledfrog
sparks by brazance
sr|phz 11 - hidden lifeforms by ntone Awesome August 6 (Stock) by rskrakau Walls of Cinzzetis II by 1001G
Texture Bundle 121-130 by cloaks
95 by Infrablack-stock Texture 594 by Sirius-sdz Firey ur by DivsM-stock Rust 14 by CD-STOCK
texture stock 15 by Bela-designs
Abstract colours - free texture by Xenaris<da:thumb id="476169951"/> Just One of Those Things texture by Eijaite
Dunes by brazance
Acrylic Peeling Part II by sad-rosesstock Watercolor Mess by sad-rosesstock Watercolor Mess Part II by sad-rosesstock Wipeout Texture Stock by redwolf518stock
Watercolors on Pavement I by AliyahZoe-Stock
Watercolors on Pavement II by AliyahZoe-Stock Water Texture Stock by BeccaB-323-STOCK<da:thumb id="477109406"/>
26 1898 by FeurigenSatan
102 by Infrablack-stock Texture 598 by Sirius-sdz Texture 597 by Sirius-sdz<da:thumb id="471730244"/>
<da:thumb id="476153296"/> 3 HR Textures by Pablo-Toledo Wounded texture by kerast Sand wash by brazance
8 Water Bottle Textures by kazaki03

That's it! Spread the texture love
:halfliquid: mercurycode

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sad-rosesstock's avatar
Thank you for the features :)
mercurycode's avatar
1001G's avatar
im thrilled to be part of this dear......been gone for a while
mercurycode's avatar
Welcome back then! :) 
1001G's avatar
ty good to be back
RezzanATAKOL's avatar
Thank you so much for including my photo:heart:
mercurycode's avatar
It's a pleasure :heart:
thepurplemonster's avatar
ahh.. these are so gorg :) thanks for the eye candy!
mercurycode's avatar
My pleasure, thanks for checking it out! :D
rskrakau's avatar
Superschön! This feature is an artwork itself.
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kazaki03's avatar
Thanks for the feature! :D
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fleur-de-Lis4444's avatar
oh wow..was für eine wunderschöne auswahl! :D
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lorycurt's avatar
All of the textures you choose are always so beautiful! Love 
mercurycode's avatar
I'm very glad that you appreciate the collection :heart: Thank you!
Eijaite's avatar
Wow. What a wonderful feature. I'm so honoured to be included here, thank you so much! :huggle:
mercurycode's avatar
It's a pleasure to include your work and thank you :hug:
Stephanie-inlove's avatar
thanks for the mention!!! excellent feature!!
mercurycode's avatar
It's a pleasure and thanks :)
cloaks's avatar
Thank you for including me :hug: I see a lot of awesome textures here!
mercurycode's avatar
Absolutely! I'm always happy to include your work :hug: And thanks, it was fun collecting them!
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