The Textures Feature Vol. V

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Hi everyone!

It's time for my textures feature again. I will be presenting artists and artworks to you which stood out to me while wandering around in the resources department these past weeks and months. Before I do, I'd like to use the opportunity to ask you if you'd be interested in other journal topics than just features. There's some things here on deviantart that bug me and since everyone has their own voice, it might me a waste not to use mine in order to talk about certain topics. I will certainly make a poll about this as well, but if you happen to read this, I'd be glad to hear if you're interested in reading about critical things like art theft, especially resources-related. Let me know in the comments!

Moving on to the textures feature:

This genious texture pack is made by crumbeling bath bombs! The textures are high quality black and white textures, offering the opportunity to coloring them in the exact way that suits your work best. I think it's amazing and deserves a little recognition!

Bokeh Texture Pack I by ooc-sdz
As many of you know, my man Sirius-sdz has a second resources account, sharing his raw, unedited out-of-camera textures: ooc-sdz. Now if you like to use bokeh textures to bring some light into your works, you'd be wise to check out this amazing texture pack and of course his gallery, offering thousands of beautiful unedited textures.

Grungy paper texture v.17 by bashcorpo Grungy paper texture v.15 by bashcorpo Grungy paper texture v.18 by bashcorpo Grungy paper texture v.20 by bashcorpo
I am happy to share that my alltime favorite paper textures supplier is back with great new material! bashcorpo told me that he finds a lot of this stunning decaying papers in abandoned places. I highly recommend checking out his gallery!

89 by Infrablack-stock 90 by Infrablack-stock 91 by Infrablack-stock
My friend's Infrablack-stock's works have developed such a depth and elegance that sometimes I wish I was capable of bringing to my own work. I admire her sense of composition and through my eyes she is one of the best textures artists there currently are on deviantart.

Here's a few other texture favorites of mine:

Black May 2 by rskrakau Black May 3 by rskrakau Rust Texture by Eternal-Polaroid
Weathered Paper 11 by DanteSangreal Texture 16 by mrokat Loki by CD-STOCK by CD-STOCK Texture 17 by mrokat
<da:thumb id="455502853"/> BT90 by jojo22 Alex's Mountain Pass to the Stars by PaulineMoss
Powder Throw by JustinBHB Q2-4 by jojo22 FLDSMDFR Texture Stock by redwolf518stock scratched stone texture by theStockOfsoma
UNRESTRICTED - Dark and dingy  texture by frozenstocks<da:thumb id="456508907"/> 75 by Infrablack-stock
Juicy June (Stock Texture) by rskrakau Texture 19 by mrokat Cheese56 by jojo22 Juicy June 1 (Stock Texture) by rskrakau
Cacao paper by TinyFeatherpants Texture 14 by cemacStock Watercolor Frame II by Tistelmark
Cheese60 by jojo22 stone texture by theStockOfsoma Texture 86 by Malleni-Stock
Texture Card Pack by akrasiel-stock
A Million Miles From Home - Five by lookslikerain See You On The Other Side - Two by lookslikerain Still Aways To Go - Five by lookslikerain
<da:thumb id="461932920"/><da:thumb id="461931928"/><da:thumb id="463112037"/>
8 HR Rusty Metal Textures by Pablo-Toledo
Sunset Clouds Texture 2 by Charlene-Art 82 by Infrablack-stock<da:thumb id="469810940"/> Texture 588 by Sirius-sdz
grass bokeh texture by ewazielinska Water by sailorjessi cracked floor stock texture by wickedgame5
Fifty Shades of Blue by JStockart Bananas68 by jojo22<da:thumb id="467102157"/> Tea Stain 21 by shadowgirls-stock
Water and bubbles by ana182 Pompei by PaulineMoss Ink Blotches by Radiatic
Cracked Paint Free Texture by Xenaris Premium Texture Pack XVIII by Sirius-sdz Nature-bokeh-texture by ewazielinska

That's it. Spread the texture love!

:halfliquid: mercurycode
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DanteSangreal's avatar
this is an amazing collection, thank you for including me
mercurycode's avatar
It was a pleasure! :)
UEY-S's avatar
Sweet collection
Xenaris's avatar
Huch, da kommt man aus dem Urlaub wieder und wurde gefeatured.... nette Zusammenstellung! :)
mercurycode's avatar
Oh, na dann willkommen zurück! Wo ist es denn hin gegangen? :meow:
Xenaris's avatar
In den Osten Deutschlands, Raum Leipzig, eine Freundin besuchen. Inklusive natürlich Kulturausflug nach Dresden und Bimmelbähnchenfahren im Erzgebirge. ;)
mercurycode's avatar
Ha! Da bin ich auch grade ;) Wohne allerdings hier, in Berlin. Leipzig ist toll, da war ich bisher leider nur einmal und auch nur kurz, aber ich habe gehört, dass sich die Stadt ganz schön gemausert hat über die letzten Jahre. Dresden mag ich auch unheimlich, da war ich paar Tage länger. Die Innenstadt gefällt mir unfassbar gut und die Bauten sowieso. Und dann gibt es da diesen tollen Schokoladendalden, wo ich die beste Schokolade gekauft habe, die ich je gegessen habe. Durch das Elbsandsteingebirge bin ich damals gewandert, habe allerdings das Wandern gehasst, die Aussicht geliebt. Was war dein Highlight und warst du schon mal in Berlin?
DOK-FITZ's avatar
Awesome show!;D
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Sirius-sdz's avatar
thank you for the feature, my love :hug:
can't wait to see you again.
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PaulineMoss's avatar
Thank you so much for including me in yet another outstanding feature. :clap: There are some great textures which I would have missed if not for your work! :hug:
mercurycode's avatar
Thank you so much, Pauline :hug: Yeah some of those I found by accident, they were kinda hidden :D
1001G's avatar
what a great journal.......and I still ty for that first and last
mercurycode's avatar
Thank you very much! Oh well, you never know what the future holds ;)
1001G's avatar
aint that the truth....:)
akrasiel-stock's avatar
So many great textures :eager:
mercurycode's avatar
Right? :D *sighs* I love textures.
cemacStock's avatar
Thank you very much for including 'Texture 14' in this amazing feature :heart:
mercurycode's avatar
It was my pleasure, thank you for providing it!
bashcorpo's avatar
Thank you so much for the wonderful feature and words, mrs. Svenja. I'm mighty glad and honored ^^; :hug:
mercurycode's avatar
That makes me happy to hear ;) I hope you'll continue to submit some great textures when you get the chance. I will be here to feature them! I might not be as spectacular as the Oatmeal (how awesome is it he's used one of your textures?? It can't get any better, can it?) but I still love making features!
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