The Textures Feature Vol. III

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Hi everyone!

Actually I don't really have that much news to share with you, however I want to say thanks to everyone who bought and/or faved my first premium texture pack! I felt like I was getting a lot of support from you guys and I cannot express how happy that makes me feel. So now I'll be showing you my current texture favorites, before going on a texture hunt and then check out Berlin's street food thursday, both in the pleasant company of Sirius-sdz (which I am really excited about as I LOVE food and Sirius :> ). Enjoy!

nature bokeh stock by koko-stock
March Texture by CD-STOCK<da:thumb id="215259211"/> Texture Joanna by CD-STOCK
<da:thumb id="435691411"/> SmudgeStock  Textures  2007 Unknown 001 by SmudgeStock metal03 by TexturesStock
Stardust Texture II. by galaxiesanddust Texture 470 by Sirius-sdz Condensation water Texture by EpisOd
Crackeled by Izzie-Hill Quarry Texture 12 by jojo22<da:thumb id="429195259"/> W-out freetextures 8 ' Tour de France ' by W-out
Taradennytexture14bw by primalchild
Adventure Time 3 by synesthesea Texture 507 by Sirius-sdz Texture - Tea Paper 11 by shadowgirls-stock Texture 252 by Sirius-sdz
Sum Coffee Paper by Viny-deWonderful Textures - Purple Paint by So-ghislaine Textures - Dark Grunge by So-ghislaine
Texture 64 by Malleni-Stock I. Menzel Texture Stock by redwolf518stock Purple Rain by simplysuzu
42 by Infrablack-stock Vibrant Acrylic Abstract - Exclusive Texture by boldfrontiers<da:thumb id="438031888"/>
Texture 58 by Malleni-Stock Bleeding stone by Requiem-Myre
0013 by koko-stock Copper Colored Texture by Izzie-Hill Texture 001 by Holdbrook
Liquid Yogurt and Handkerchief making deals by Black-B-o-x

Done! :D Hope I didn't forget anything. 
Have a nice day and spread the texture love! ♥

:halfliquid: mercurycode
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Thank you very much for including my photo in this feature. :aww:
mercurycode's avatar
Sure, no problem :aww:
Viny-deWonderful's avatar
First time being featured in something, very cool.
It's nice see my material selected among such great pieces.
Thank you.
mercurycode's avatar
Aw, really? :D Then I'm even more glad I did. Are you completely new to deviantart or do/did you have another account? :aww:
Viny-deWonderful's avatar
I have had another account, yes. But it was just a silly place for my to share some doodles and the occasional nice work.
With this account I intend to do something more worldly-wise... I don't know if this makes much sense.
But anyway, I'm just beginning this new phase. And it's nice to make an acquaintance with talented artists such as yourself.
mercurycode's avatar
It makes total sense to me :) Are you planning on making resources only or heading into a different direction?

Thanks, that's a great compliment for me!
Viny-deWonderful's avatar
No, I'm going to post my drawings, photographs and musics in the near future.
But I'll keep sharing resources as long as I have them to share.
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Thanks so much! You. Rock.
mercurycode's avatar
You rock, too :D
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Thanks for the feature hon :hug:

Some stunning textures here :D
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You're welcome - of course, thanks for yours too :heart:
glassthroughskin's avatar
Thanks so much for featuring me! :la:
CD-STOCK's avatar
Wunderbares Feature und viele :+favlove: Besten Dank dafür, Sam :heart:
Hab ein schönes Wochenende in Berlin :sun:
mercurycode's avatar
Danke, wünsch dir auch ein schönes Wochenende!
Holdbrook's avatar
Oh thank youuu~ for the mention :heart:

You've an awesome work!
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Requiem-Myre's avatar
Thank you for the mention! :3
mercurycode's avatar
Deadfish-SilentArmy's avatar
Thank you for sharing these textures with us feelin' the groove  'till latter Smoky Disappearance 
mercurycode's avatar
Thanks :D Alrighty, see ya!
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