The Textures Feature Vol. II

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Hi everyone!

First of all, thank you for over 500 watchers! Can't really imagine that there's so many people who like what I do - but I am more than thankful for that. Also, thanks to the people who made donations in order to support my work here. When I opened that donation pool, I didn't think that there would be donations any time soon. But you surprised me and I don't really know how you thank you for that. Well, except saying thank you! It's a huge motivation for me to carry on with what I do. Now I hope this journal will be a small motivation for the artists featured here, too. Hope you will continue making amazing art!

Milky way by Seykloren
Tree structure by PhoenixARTproduktion
Charred Wood Texture by jojo22 Marble Texture by jojo22<da:thumb id="327153466"/>
Red Onion - texture 2 by Black-B-o-x
Texture 0045 by xDeepLovex
January Texture by CD-STOCK<da:thumb id="173282549"/> Texture 113 by cloaks
30 by Infrablack-stock

Okay, done! Today, sorting these textures was quite a challenge.
So, wish you all a great day and remember:
Spread the texture love! 

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Thank you very much! congratulations for your gallery is very beautiful. :)
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Oh, thank you. Yours is, too!
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Thanks very much for this Feature!!:)
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You're welcome :>
CaryAndFrankArts's avatar
Thank you so much for this wonderful feature!! :hug:
mercurycode's avatar
PhoenixARTproduktion's avatar
cool das mein Bild dabei ist hab vielen dank :) 
ist echt ne tolle Zusammenstellung
mercurycode's avatar
Vielen Dank, freu mich, dass sie dir gefällt ♥
CD-STOCK's avatar

Schön ausgewählt :love:

Danke für die Unterstützung!

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an excellent collection, and a number of great artists to keep an eye on in the future. thank you. :nod:
mercurycode's avatar
Thanks, G.! :hug: Glad you like my feature!
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Wonderful! I love all of them! thank you for collecting these textures!
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It was my pleasure, glad you liked the feature! :aww:
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yes, I'm so so excited! :D
chriseastmids's avatar
well i think you deserve more than 500 thats a fact :hug:
mercurycode's avatar
wow, that's a huge compliment for me! thanks, Chris! :hug:
chriseastmids's avatar
well its my pleasure of course :hug:
jojo22's avatar
Naw, thanks babe :heart:

Love the way you've presented the textures :D
mercurycode's avatar
Nothing to thank for, love :heart:

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congratulations love :heart: 

love the selection of textures, thank you for including mine as well!
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Thank you love :heart:
Black-B-o-x's avatar
Thank you for the feature and congratulations for the 500 Added to my devWatch!    :) (Smile) 
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