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Hi everyone!

Welcome to my first separate textures feature which I wouldn't be doing, if not the Stash Uploader had crashed on my latest Awesome Art Journal. I happen to find a lot of art that I like, but featuring lots of works seems to be too much for the Journal Writer, so eventually it just tears apart the format, doesn't display the thumbnails correctly, etc. But looking at it the positive way, it gives me more room to introduce you to texture artists that I have discovered recently or have even been watching for a while.

First off, there's Infrablack-stock who I'd like to motivate to make more textures, because she hasn't been doing it for very long, but already has made such beautiful ones. Like these:

Then there's of course Sirius-sdz , who you probably all know and watch anyway, but I can't make a textures feature without including his stunning work:

Next up: Black-B-o-x , who I haven't had on my radar until very recently, but she keeps making very creative and beautifully colored textures:

I must include jojo22 , who has a really colorful approach on textures, which I really like:
<da:thumb id="418269452"/> Sold 2 by jojo22 Dried Tomato Skin Texture by jojo22 Paint Splatter Texture 1 by jojo22
Now for a deviant that doesn't seem to be submitting textures actively, but has such a beautiful collection online - Loadus :

ooc-sdz ,Sirius-sdz's second texture account shows the raw, unedited out-of-camera photos he uses for his manips:

Last but not least: Other, unsorted but great texture favs:

That's it for today. 
Remember: Spread the texture love 

:halfliquid: mercurycode
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Vielen Dank dass Du auch eines meiner Bilder aufgenommen hast! :-)
mistyt-stock's avatar
Thank you so much.. :aww:
mercurycode's avatar
W-out's avatar
Thank you Sam, another great selection and thank you for intro to Loadus good reminder to get some more ink, have happy days :sun:
mercurycode's avatar
My pleasure, Wout! :aww:
YBsilon-Stock's avatar
Wow, thank you so much for including my texture in this wonderful collection. :heart: :hug: :dance:
PaulineMoss's avatar
Many thanks for the feature, and pointing me to other great artists! :heart: :thanks:
mercurycode's avatar
Always my pleasure, Pauline! :heart:
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Thanks very much for featuring my texture!
Cool collection!

mercurycode's avatar
Kein Problem, immer gern. Und danke!
Loadus's avatar
Thanks muchos for the feature! ^.^
mercurycode's avatar
De nada :D My pleasure.
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Thank you very much for the feature! 
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METALSLP's avatar
Thank you very much for the feature!
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Love :love: Thanks babe!  Awesome works here!  Think I'll do a stock and texture feature next myself.
mercurycode's avatar
Thank you - looking forward to your stock feature :heart:
jojo22's avatar
Aha!  Must organize self - might be stock and some art too.
mercurycode's avatar
Organization is a good start :D Wish you all the success!
jojo22's avatar
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