The Textures Feature Vol. 11

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Texture 166 by Voyager168
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Wow lots of classic dA textures I've been using since I was a baby in 2010 ;_;
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if you were a baby in 2010, what was I in 2004? :D
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Thanks for the feature, my love! <3
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Thank you for featuring my texture!!! <3333
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Vielen Dank! :heart: Das Lied ist ja auch fantastisch, danke fürs teilen. (:
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Sehr gerne :heart: Ich liebe all deine Ressourcen und, ja, eigentlich jedes Produkt deiner Kamera :) Soap&Skin ist ganz großartig, aber man muss dazu in Stimmung sein. Kann ganz schön düster werden. Aber schön düster.
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Thank you so much for the feature!
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Thanks for the great resources :)
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Think i'm gonna save this journal, There're just 2 many awesome textures i can use. Thanks for sharing!
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Absolutely, feel free to save it :) I always love assembling them. There are so many useful textures out there in great quality and resolution! But sometimes they're not being seen.
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Some really interesting textures here, thanks for including one of mine <3
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Anytime, Jojo! Keep the great textures coming!
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Clip is a perfect match to this feature.
I adore the dust animation.
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Me too. I adore everything about this artist. It's an Austrian musician whose music got featured in a play I saw in Vienna. And during the play I thought "I need to find out what this music is". She can be pretty dark and there's some deep lyrics about things that happened to her. It's raw but refined and she's so real. Yeah. I'm fascinated!
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This is really cool, there are some lovely and interesting textures here :heart:

Thanks for sharing :3
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Thanks, Linus (can I call you that?). It was fun to assamble!
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I can imagine it was ^^ And sure you can :3 It's also pretty cool to shed light on cool people others might want to watch so I can't thank you enough for that ^^
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And I thank you for checking it out ;)
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