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Hi Everyone!

A lot of you kept asking me to elaborate on my terms of usage. What exactly is allowed and what is not allowed? Find out in the following paragraphs:

What are the restrictions to using your resources?

You can use my resources for pretty much anything as long as you use them creatively. Meaning you must not re-upload or sell my textures and you must not claim them as your own work.
If you use them, incorporate them into your own artwork in any way, shape or form. As long as your result will look different from my original resource, you're safe to go. There is a grey zone however, that is making stock from my stock, being explained next.

Can I create stock from your resources?

Generally yes, I allow making stock from my stock. BUT there is a fine line between creatively using my stock to create something completely new and alternating my stock simply in color, contrast and other ways that will only cause minor alterations to my original textures.
In other words: Unless you are very confident that your result will have an original visual and contextual quality, you will be best advised to use your own photos. Because when it comes to a disagreement about originality, the determining point of view will be the one by the copyright owner – which in this case is me.

Can I use your resources anywhere on the internet and off?

If my other rules are met, the "where" is up to you. Any website, blog or community. Anyplace offline like school projects, lessons, presentations. It's up to you.

Can I use your resources commercially?

Yes. As long as I am given credit, you can sell your product using my textures. Be aware that this does not allow redistribution! (see paragraph one) - When in doubt, send me a message via deviantART or facebook.

How do I need to credit you?

Crediting is not optional, but you are free to choose the way you want to credit me. On the internet, I suggest linking to my facebook or deviantart account in the description of your work. You do not have to link to every single texture you used, unless you want to. A simple link to my account is all I ask for.
If you use my texture for an analogue product like a flyer, poster or book, you can give credit by stating my name, for example „Texture Art by Svenja Milautzcki“ on the product or, if given, in its description. If you like, you can add a web-link, but that's not a must. If you're still unsure how to credit, send me a note. If there is no way at all you can give credit, contact me and maybe we can work something out.

Do not be afraid of doing something wrong!

It happens very rarely that there's a problem with copyright or redistribution. Mostly my textures are used in a creative way that meets the rules.
You can check out my favorites folder “Created with my resources” which collects every single deviation made using my stock (that I know of). And even if there is a problem or something goes wrong – you can always talk to me! I'm a kind person and I'm sure we can work something out together.
If you have more questions about me and my art, you can check out my Frequently Asked Questions journal.
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Thank you very much for these explanations. I've just discovered your work and it's amazing. I fell in love with Digital Texture Artwork 317, but the more I explore, the more I love. I'm considering on putting one of your textures as a background for my blog. For sure you'll be given credits. Thanks for the great inspiring works. Have a nice day.