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(1) Terms Of Usage properly explained
(2) Where do you get your material from?
(3) What camera/lens/editing software do you use?
(4) How do you make textures?
(5) What inspires you and who influences your work?
(6) I'm new to texture making. Any tips on how to get started?


(1) Terms Of Usage properly explained

I made a seperate journal entry where my rules of usage are explained in detail:
My Terms of Use: Explained!Hi Everyone!
A lot of you kept asking me to elaborate on my terms of usage. What exactly is allowed and what is not allowed? Find out in the following paragraphs:

What are the restrictions to using your resources?
You can use my resources for pretty much anything as long as you use them creatively. Meaning you must not re-upload or sell my textures and you must not claim them as your own work.If you use them, incorporate them into your own artwork in any way, shape or form. As long as your result will look different from my original resource, you're safe to go. There is a grey zone however, that is making stock from my stock, being explained next.

Can I create stock from your resources?
Generally yes, I allow making stock from my stock. BUT there is a fine line between creatively using my stock to create something completely new and alternating my

(2) Where do you get your material from?

I almost exclusively use material that I've gathered myself. A rare exception is when my artist collegue and partner in crime Sirius-sdz is dealing me his latest bokeh photo batch :heart: To collect material, I go out on texture hunts with my camera, scan interesting papers or even draw shapes.

(3) What camera/lens/editing software do you use?

I use a Canon EOS T5i (700D) with its standard kit lense. Editing software of choice is Photoshop CS5 with the Nic Color Efex Pro 4 plugin. That's it.

(4) How do you make textures?

I merge different images of my material collection in Photoshop, following no particular method. It's trial and error every time. See also:
Work in Progress #2 | Texture creating process by mercurycode Making Of Texture 254 by mercurycode Making Of Texture 218 by mercurycode Work In Progress: That's how I make textures! by mercurycode

(5) What inspires you and who influences your work?

Everything and anything that interests my eye; a big ongoing influence is Sirius-sdz, who's also a texture maker but very different in style.

(6) I'm new to texture making. Any tips on how to get started?

Things that have proven useful to me:
  • Taking photos: Go on a bright day, stay out of direct sunlight 'cause it casts shadows, find flat surfaces for a sharp photo and stay away from coarse surfaces (unpleasant to use).
  • Clear your mind and just fool around in your editing software; don't be afraid to try new things; there are no mistakes, just happy accidents Bob Ross emoticon-banner 
  • You don't need expensive gear or fancy software. My man Sirius-sdz started with non-smartphone-camera-pictures back then!
  • Always work in the biggest resolution available
  • Remember: People can always add to contrast, but can't remove it from a picture.

Texture & stock artists:

:iconsirius-sdz: :iconooc-sdz: :iconinfrablack-stock: :iconcarlyartdaily: :iconcloaks: :iconjojo22: :icongalaxiesanddust: :iconcd-stock: :iconmalleni-stock: 

Texture finds & features:

The Textures Feature Vol. 1
The Textures Feature Vol. 2
The Textures Feature Vol. 3
The Textures Feature Vol. 4
The Textures Feature Vol. 5
The Textures Feature Vol. 6
The Textures Feature Vol. 7
The Textures Feature Vol. 8
The Textures Feature Vol. 9
The Textures Feature Vol. 10
The Textures Feature Vol. 11

Any unanswered questions? Ask right here in the comments Meow :3 

:halfliquid: mercurycode
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How do you use the textures in your drawings?
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Good question. I don't draw very often, but when I do, I scan in the paper and I just overlay it sofly with a nice texture (paper, marble, stone...) in Photoshop. Often I lower the opacity of the texture layer or desaturate it quite a bit. The layer function I mainly choose for this is multiply or soft light. The drawing should be the center of attention, not the texture :) Sometimes I even use the eraser tool (set to 20% capacity or so) to softly take away from the texture in places where it might be too much.
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Thank you for sharing those secrets :)
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Nothing to thank for, really :)
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thanks :D hope I could answer some of the things you wanted to know.
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Haha, this was a nice read. :)
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Hehe, thanks :D glad you enjoyed it!
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