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Hi everyone!

Hope y'all doing okay. It's been a very inspirational summer for me, catching the last rays of summer sun in the most exciting city - Berlin. I did take a few shots there, but I haven't had a chance to go through the images yet. I fear some (or most) of them are fuzzy. After having the chance of handling a different kind of camera and lens, I have a feeling I need to change things up. Move forward. Evolve. I'm eager to learn and it's a necessary step to do so. Talkin' about planning on getting a new camera and a better lens. I'll give you a heads up once I've made up my mind about what to get. But I already have something on my mind. In the meanwhile, take a look at some artworks I liked within the past couple of weeks. Every artist featured is unique and deserves a little attention. Bring it on, folks!

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Mature Content

Kiss of the spider woman. by starsandivy

Mature Content

milky way by La-DeaR
  Femme fatale by La-DeaR  Snow Trees by DChernov  Regression by warni <da:thumb id="392385787"/> 

Mature Content

IntoTheWild by zcape1
  Blessed Flesh by therottenvelveteen  Monitor Axolotl by La-DeaR    El Caballero Y La Muerte by GRabadan <da:thumb id="394639767"/> Jensen by LunaNueva01 <da:thumb id="395109039"/>  o by ericifarious  Vestige by therottenvelveteen <da:thumb id="398861066"/>  Moon by ShelbyTheJedi  Armored Guardian by JaciJaci

Mature Content

Velvet Woman by ShelbyTheJedi

<da:thumb id="388591812"/>  Ghost 172. by krackl3 <da:thumb id="168337328"/>  Ghost 13. by krackl3 <da:thumb id="390606151"/> <da:thumb id="279279475"/>  Cloaked and Veiled4000 by drewschermick  sky by goalexxago  homes by goalexxago  Coincidental Snowday in June 02 by drewschermick <da:thumb id="390475341"/> <da:thumb id="390477481"/>  Terror Beneath by Enigmasystem  Fireheart by alicexz  risperidone by drewschermick <da:thumb id="391136203"/>  W-out 0183 ' Doezelweide ' by W-out   Thuggy by therottenvelveteen 

Phobia by Pmiester  A story about a dead woman by moppaa  Firelobe X58 by Firelobe <da:thumb id="379686350"/> <da:thumb id="389429581"/> <da:thumb id="389976199"/> <da:thumb id="379674099"/> <da:thumb id="386690874"/>  Tell me liez by xmisachan  Spiritual World EP by AYSAMO  My favorite things. by InPluvia <da:thumb id="393104601"/>  The Last Days by NicolasVisceglio <da:thumb id="393786868"/> <da:thumb id="393683491"/>  47 - House by Vanessax17  J.W. by sailorjessi <da:thumb id="394900076"/> Don't tell me it's Comatose by fleetofgypsies  Walk the Dogs by BibiannaLanana 

High Postmodern Setting 26 by fleetofgypsies <da:thumb id="388680386"/> <da:thumb id="378549020"/>  Smoking Kills Yo by aliceoblivious  The Joker's Apprehension by drewschermick  Queen of Abandonment by drewschermick <da:thumb id="390441771"/> <da:thumb id="390437301"/> <da:thumb id="390791719"/> <da:thumb id="390448601"/> <da:thumb id="393298023"/> <da:thumb id="391082232"/>

tracing the footsteps of fallen men by chriseastmids  Chaotic Flashing by JaciJaci  Jelly 4 by JaciJaci  Four IV by MarinaCoric <da:thumb id="389932094"/>  Theres danger on the edge of town by chriseastmids  No 32 by VexingArt  and...then he by chriseastmids  Running through furnace of tears by chriseastmids  Don't cry over spilled milk.. by Yaksss  Kool.. by Yaksss  A Very Comfortable Feeling.. by Yaksss  In The Underworld... by Yaksss  Big Knife... by Yaksss  Decanter.. by Yaksss  Dream the Last Dream by MarsiaMS  At Ten-o-Clock.. by Yaksss  minted glints of hopeful by chriseastmids  alone knows .... why by chriseastmids  Glitter (stock) by o0Thomas0o  Altar of Nibiru by entropic-mysteries  argos by awjay  my feet are no longer nailed down by chriseastmids  set fire to the hive by chriseastmids  Playground by InPluvia  just breath by InPluvia   beautiful things by InPluvia  UUUUUUUU by NicPi  Metallic Starling by rainylake  omen by InPluvia   Texture 2 by HoracioLanza  Texture 8 by HoracioLanza  Texture 9 by HoracioLanza  Texture 10 by HoracioLanza  Texture 11 by HoracioLanza  Texture 16 by HoracioLanza  Texture 18 by HoracioLanza  C'mon Boy,I'll lead you.. by Yaksss  turning the tables by awjay  mosquitoes by blackasmodeus  Anesthetic depth by chriseastmids  lips of the harpy by chriseastmids  The Last Stages Of A Long Journey.. by Yaksss   dry by awjay 

Free Tea-Stained Paper Textures by LuxDani <da:thumb id="389154405"/> <da:thumb id="298505575"/>   Solarised Rust Sample Stock Texture by aegiandyad  Texture 346 by Sirius-sdz <da:thumb id="389001244"/>  <da:thumb id="376050414"/>   Texture 347 by Sirius-sdz   Texture 349 by Sirius-sdz  Untitled Texture 380 by aqueous-sun-textures  Untitled Texture CCCXXVII by aqueous-sun-textures  Untitled Texture CCCXXIV by aqueous-sun-textures  Untitled Texture XXV by aqueous-sun-textures  Untitled Texture XXVI by aqueous-sun-textures  The Red Queen by CD-STOCK  Cracked White Paint by FLTV  Jaw Bone Texture by Minotaur-Queen <da:thumb id="389172883"/> <da:thumb id="389172785"/>  Untitled Texture CCXXXXXXXXVI by aqueous-sun-textures  Texture 354 by Sirius-sdz   Industrial Skip Side Magic Interior Surface Stock by aegiandyad <da:thumb id="390638433"/>  Texture 355 by Sirius-sdz <da:thumb id="391155917"/>  Sourceimage by DIEGOSACK  Texture Michelle by CD-STOCK 
Endless Sorrow Premium Texture by CD-STOCK  Rusty Car Metal Texture by RollaTroll  Avatar Of Fire By Mattthesamurai-d34f3sw by DIEGOSACK <da:thumb id="389960655"/>  Texture 90 by xnienke  Underworld by CD-STOCK   Dice Rush - Texture by AtomicBrownie  Little Fissures - Texture by AtomicBrownie  Stock,  rust by niveau0  The Moon In Scorpio by CD-STOCK  Texture Malleni by CD-STOCK  Rust Wall #04 by ramsnerart <da:thumb id="394363353"/>  Stone Colored #04 by ramsnerart  Aluminum Texture 1 by MysticEmma  Barnacles 1 by AGTextures  Texture161 by starsandivy  Wall Cracks by fabtetard  arena_9 by abelgalois  Scratchy Metal by CD-STOCK  Texture 358 by Sirius-sdz  Texture 359 by Sirius-sdz  Concrete Wall by CD-STOCK   <da:thumb id="396455539"/>  Texture 360 by Sirius-sdz  Shores of Saturn by Seykloren  Rusty metal by Angelwing94  Sky Stock 013 by Malleni-Stock  rusty texture by Didier-Bernard  Texture 365 by Sirius-sdz  crack texture_8 by Didier-Bernard  Texture167 by starsandivy <da:thumb id="397794436"/>  Lost On Me by lookslikerain  Texture175 by starsandivy  Texture168 by starsandivy  Texture 370 by Sirius-sdz  Rushing by PaulineMoss  Two Tone Texture by PaulineMoss  Flaking Metal by Izzie-Hill  Texture 372 by Sirius-sdz  Texture181 by starsandivy  Texture183 by starsandivy <da:thumb id="398048484"/> <da:thumb id="398048792"/> <da:thumb id="399115993"/>  Metal1 by Skudde-Textures   Rough Paper And Colored Paper by AdoxoResourses  Peeled by CD-STOCK   Wet Texture 2 HD by DaVvArt