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Hi everyone!
I have made a ton of great art discoveries this week. There are so many artists out there who deserve a little bit of extra attention. Mainly resource artists. As you know, I am quite addicted to madly browsing through deviantART looking for awesome textures to get inspired by. There is one thing I'd like to shortly point your attention to: Often I experience that stock artists are not really thought of as artists, yet more as a simple provider of stock. Now it's true that we do provide stock to you. But it's always due to a lot of work and effort from our side so we can offer you resources. Many of us provide the textures for free, so we put effort, time and work into it but don't get any money out of it. Our only wage is your feedback, respect and credit. And from my experience, there are a lot of people who aren't aware of how much work it is to offer resources, so they don't value our effort and never give credit. For them it's granted having access to free resources. But sometimes it's even more work to make stock than to make art from stock (depends on the art piece of course). So my call is: If you use other people's stock, please be aware of the fact that you can only access it because the stock artists put their work out there for free. Please respect that fact and value their effort. Thank you!

Now for art!

Congrats to his DD (third thumb) today! Browsing though his gallery, I immediately fell in love with his surreal paintings. He just recently started showing off his work in DA, so I'm sure there will be more uploads soon and I'd recommend a browse through his gallery.
Flower by tamasvegvari Genezis by tamasvegvari Parasite by tamasvegvari

He makes such great posters. The use of font and texture is fascinating. Also recently he got a DD! Also well deserved.
Junius by SkipDesign The Digital Decade by SkipDesign John Doe by SkipDesign Gipsy-punk party by SkipDesign

This gallery has just been around for two weeks and is run by two greek artists who offer awesome textures and great quality stock. You gotta love 'em. Be sure to check out their gallery, there's lots of awesome stuff in there!
:thumb378844116: :thumb375655280: :thumb378447812: :thumb375424969:

I found some great textures in Gems gallery. Take a look:
Stock texture - rust with holes by rockgem Stock texture - Rusted by rockgem Stock texture - bright rust I by rockgem Stock texture - Crackled II by rockgem

Fell in love especially with these textures out of his gallery:
Back of old photography frame by wojtar-stock stone texture by wojtar-stock nice texture 11 by wojtar-stock Rust texture 4 by wojtar-stock

Very cool textures from a cool polish stock artist:
:thumb313568868: :thumb270872172: :thumb334767408: :thumb183750460: Rust 1 by AngelEowyn

I am madly in love with this great stock artist and her textures. They are all so beautiful and so unique!
Docklands by pendlestock Acid Spray by pendlestock Abalone by pendlestock The Accidental Masterpiece VI by pendlestock

Great textures to be found in the gallery of this artist:
Texture120 by starsandivy Texture122 by starsandivy Texture118 by starsandivy Texture119 by starsandivy

LOOK! Just... wow. I hardly find words for how cool a lot of Becka's textures are!
gold drip texture by beckas old metallic by beckas glass bubbles texture by beckas red abstract texture by beckas

Everytime I look at these textures/photos (unfortunately they're not all resources), I get insanely inspired. Might be some of the most beautiful textures I have ever discovered. I am completely in love with those. Also the artist has been really nice and kind in his notes. Please have a look (and give a fav):
haotica by blackasmodeus colours by blackasmodeus colours by blackasmodeus

*drummroll please* Last but not least: Those amazingly colored and beautifully contrasted textures from Vanessa! Check 'em out:
Rusty Pink Stock by RavenMaddArtwork Cut Rust Texture Stock by RavenMaddArtwork Golden Rust Texture by RavenMaddArtwork Rusty Violet Texture by RavenMaddArtwork

Lots of artists displayed this week. But I love em all. If you like some of those works, be sure to let the artists know about it! ;P

:halfliquid: mercurycode
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Wow, thank you so much! :)