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Hi everyone!
Hope you've had an awesome fall so far. Counting this month, it's been half a year of submitting resources and textures for you guys. So far it's been an amazing experience and I have been getting great feedback from so many of you. Thanks to all of my watchers for your continuing support - it's what keeps me going. I wish you an inspirational october and a fun halloween (if you celebrate it). Until then check out these beautiful artworks that I've been liking this month:

<da:thumb id="399734422"/> <da:thumb id="385578115"/>  3 by Tistelmark Girl by Tistelmark  The Yellow Plant by Tistelmark  She Who Survived by Tistelmark  Pleasant drowning by loomiecreate  Abduction in october by La-DeaR  Nino de raza negra1 by JJMurias <da:thumb id="404175762"/> <da:thumb id="404484739"/>  Face by ZachSmithson  Dead! by clemjonas

'Dark to Light' 2009 by eleanorbennett-arts  'Waterfall' 2010 by eleanorbennett-arts  Broken by 1000eyes  El Camino by 1000eyes  because by agnes-cecile  'Memories of Iceland' 2011 by eleanorbennett-arts  W-out 0184 ' des mania ' by W-out  Look Up - Look Down by PiAsiaGallery  Contemplation by PiAsiaGallery  Silent Wings by AddisonHerndon  color_023 by otake64  Night Owl_full by otake64  kid by otake64  Joker by GRabadan  W-out 0186 ' string theory ' by W-out  o.T 2013-07 by saschadettbarn

...286... by MozolewskiMichal  ...284... by MozolewskiMichal  ...290... by MozolewskiMichal  Graceful noodle by SunDier <da:thumb id="389536807"/> <da:thumb id="374878417"/> 

Mature Content

Elephant 2 by shamanau
 <da:thumb id="382861310"/>  ...293... by MozolewskiMichal  phantasmagoria. by m-gosia  Falls by ScarletWarmness  Grassdream (Twins) by SalmonSoul  Reviewed and Corrected.. by Yaksss  60592 by kubicki  60566 by kubicki  ...283... by MozolewskiMichal <da:thumb id="399606640"/>  The Night Watchmen by Bieere  Firelobe Eagle 17 by Firelobe  They took my heart and soul by somewhat-perplexed <da:thumb id="401150891"/>  ...294... by MozolewskiMichal

<da:thumb id="388264881"/> <da:thumb id="393298023"/>  Space Andalou - by labandheisen <da:thumb id="400726706"/>  Heart by ZachSmithson <da:thumb id="404745367"/> <da:thumb id="402854830"/>  Stomach cat - by labandheisen <da:thumb id="382327399"/>  Cyberpunk Regular by fleetofgypsies

We hide behind masks and want to have it all by AiniTolonen  Nobody blinded me, said The Cyclop by AiniTolonen  Birth by AiniTolonen <da:thumb id="366379954"/> <da:thumb id="378597260"/> <da:thumb id="399770522"/>  the other side of life by chriseastmids <da:thumb id="380145762"/>  Fog by dammmmit  In Prague by dammmmit  Charlotte's Web by LashelleValentine  Two of Us by MarinaCoric  Protege Moi by MarinaCoric  Untitled by ScarletWarmness  wake up by InPluvia <da:thumb id="401893991"/>  i'll see you on the dark side of the moon by chriseastmids  holga. by jonesblachowicz  The ones that didn't make it by merkero  light of your life by chriseastmids  Native grasses by dammmmit  lips of the harpy by chriseastmids <da:thumb id="399541986"/>

Rusted metal texture by MidnightDragonC  Texture 376 by Sirius-sdz  Texture 389 by Sirius-sdz  Ash Texture 3 by GloomWriter  Smoke Texture 1 by Lakela <da:thumb id="368955046"/> <da:thumb id="399800501"/>  some super sunday by kanonliv  Crack my heart III by kanonliv  built to last by kanonliv  Fundamental Flaw by lookslikerain  Texture stock. by Awaiting-Destiny  Texture 1 by dammmmit  Texture 3 by dammmmit  Corroded Metal texture by KetronPL  Rust Texture #4 by Izzie-Hill  Texture 380 by Sirius-sdz  Stained Paper 3 by acheronnights  Texture 381 by Sirius-sdz  Texture 88 by Sisterslaughter165  Where Beauty Sleeps by PaulineMoss <da:thumb id="402761575"/> <da:thumb id="402761313"/>  Texture 97 by Sisterslaughter165  Stock Texture - Cyan Glow II by rockgem <da:thumb id="405553112"/>  Spiderwebs - preview by kuschelirmel-stock  Isis by CD-STOCK <da:thumb id="404721790"/>  Texture 384 by Sirius-sdz  Clear Eye Clouded Mind by CD-STOCK  Ifi's Texture 8 by IfispiritStock  Ifi's Texture 53 by IfispiritStock  flames R us by EileahThiaBea  Texture 215 by Couch-and-Canvas  Scratched up and still shiny by EileahThiaBea  Texture 310 by Sirius-sdz  Texture 312 by Sirius-sdz  Light and Water by Adagem  Grunge Texture Pack by kuschelirmel-stock  Ink Splats - 8 by shamanau  Ice Texture 1 by magicsart  Texture 390 by Sirius-sdz

That's it! And remember: Spread the texture love! ♥
:halfliquid: mercurycode
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Thanks! i'm so happy & proud of the mention & show up here! So glad you liked my artwork this much :') 
You're quite talented! Keep making art!