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Hi everyone!
How are you all? I'm good so far. At the moment I'm taking every opportunity I get of exploring different cities in Germany and going on texture hunts. This weekend I will be in Mainz, next week I'll be in Berlin for the third time this year and at the end of the month I will be visiting my old home town Vienna, Austria. When I'm not travelling around like a lunatic, I am still eager to explore art within this community and oh, let me tell you, what I have come across the past few weeks blew my mind. I am not wasting any more words, here are my features for this month:

Pissink by CristianoTeofili  The Beekeeper by CristianoTeofili  What by CristianoTeofili  Dendo by CristianoTeofili  Bioform Composite 100512 by Senecal <da:thumb id="407971121"/>  Facebook by A-J-Thorne  Salvador Dali by Don-Berry <da:thumb id="406572583"/>  1385134 4998513015030 350780854 N by tonowicz  Apparition by PriestofTerror  Baroque: Candle by luka-basyrov-art  

Mature Content

Dragon Bed by luka-basyrov-art
Air Kiss by luka-basyrov-art  Greetings by Miles-Johnston 

Mature Content

Entanglement by Miles-Johnston
Frustration (on 4 legs) by SalmonSoul  Angry Men by matildarose  Dirty Little Secret by JujiBla  Just Me by Sinije  Twilight flower by edgarinvoker  Night by matildarose  High fructose corn syrup by La-DeaR 

Swift by Weird-wax  2013-10-13 20.06.37 by taraskaarts  GoldStorm by lucid-dion  Vysta by lucid-dion  in lila gekleidet by lucid-dion  Infiltrate by lucid-dion <da:thumb id="351080961"/>  abstract 8811114 by pledent  Immerse by iamSteve155  Eye of the Beholder by matildarose  W-out 0192 ' Gypsy Sting ' by W-out  ChromeBorn by lucid-dion  Siren by matildarose

.. by hoooook  broken promises 2 by Asp-in-the-Garden  face by hoooook  .. by hoooook   -5-4 by hoooook  Buddha by AYSAMO  Hepatoscopic Derivation (7.8.13) by Senecal  00 by AdamskiMarcin  The Measure Of Man. by brandongardner21  ataraxia by Darkzero-sdz <da:thumb id="408630231"/>  The Monster That I Made by acheronnights  Hypothermia by Serkenil <da:thumb id="410646176"/>  Gezeiten zur Holle by Hevein  Die Gottes Ballade by Hevein  Verzehrt Gott by Hevein

<da:thumb id="406210387"/>  Still Life And Kicking by fleetofgypsies <da:thumb id="406416561"/>  Black Cherry Industries by fleetofgypsies <da:thumb id="409246314"/>  Made To Survive by fleetofgypsies  7 Anna by derekjones

alchemy_VI_sublimation by moscaliovam 

Mature Content

Jesse. 2009. by steviewunda
  That Man on the Moon,.Again.. by Yaksss  the_death_of_anything_that's_funny by moscaliovam  the perfume garden by chriseastmids  what made you leave by chriseastmids  Beware Criminal by merkero  Cables by merkero <da:thumb id="411513900"/> <da:thumb id="407958001"/>  open your eyes by Oo-lacrima-oO  il_fatidico_spettro_sumero_nel_mio_frigo by moscaliovam <da:thumb id="409138869"/> <da:thumb id="409269279"/>  ah by Annyyyyy  i was so alone and suddenly you were there by chriseastmids   underwater life by blackasmodeus <da:thumb id="410111586"/>  bullet train by chriseastmids  dark spot by Accendo-Anima  Scales by merkero  Cables III by merkero <da:thumb id="411115346"/> <da:thumb id="411695546"/>  parting of bodies by chriseastmids  Soul Silo by jojo22  How High Do You Go by jojo22 <da:thumb id="406349978"/>  the reaper road by i-see-faces <da:thumb id="410288700"/>  great by awjay  1 by steviewunda

Roadpaint 02 by Limited-Vision-Stock  Wing made of Rust and Cracks by Limited-Vision-Stock  Watercolor Textures 300 dpi high contrast 001 by amethystmstock  Texture 392 by Sirius-sdz <da:thumb id="407287976"/>  ink acetate textures vol. 2 by resurgere  Metallic texture VIII by Scorpini-Stock  Texture 217 by Couch-and-Canvas  Texture 396 by Sirius-sdz  Stock Texture - Glowing wax IV by rockgem  Witch Ways by PaulineMoss  Scratchy Metal by CD-STOCK  Metalbumps : FREE Stock Texture! by BrodyBlue  Glitter 6 by acheronnights  Texture 406 by Sirius-sdz  Texture217 by starsandivy  Paper 04 by Black-B-o-x  Exfoliated wood paint by raduluchian  W-out freetextures 5 ' Aqua-turf ' by W-out  11 by Infrablack-stock  Frost Window (zip collection) by Tanyuuu  Green Black Watercolor Texture by Tanyuuu  0437 by ooc-sdz  0432 by ooc-sdz  [TEXTURES] India Ink by DysEikona  Texture 407 by Sirius-sdz  Paper 09 by Black-B-o-x  Textures-10pack by ropixie  Paper Texture 012 by LisaGorska  Paper Texture 011 by LisaGorska  Paper texture 039 by LisaGorska  0451 by ooc-sdz  Decrepitude II (Stock) by Yobtaf  0507 by ooc-sdz  0505 by ooc-sdz  Glitter 12 - Starfeild by acheronnights  Paper 01 by Black-B-o-x  Texture 399 by Sirius-sdz  Dried Mud by jojo22 

That's it! Let me shamelessly admit that I've mixed in a couple of my own photos from my other account somewhere. Maybe some of you spotted them :D Have a nice day, guys! See you soon and remember: Spread the texture love! ♥
:halfliquid: mercurycode
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iamSteve155Student Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for featuring my art, that is every awesome of you :)
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you're welcome, steve :aww:
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Limited-Vision-StockHobbyist Photographer
Thank you very much for having my stock with all this awesome and fantastic works. 
mercurycode's avatar
It's my pleasure. Keep up the texture work :aww:
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SalmonSoul Digital Artist
Thank you so much, it's an honour to be included in such a fantastic list!! :)
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My pleasure, it's an honor to feature your amazing art!
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Oo-lacrima-oOHobbyist Photographer
aww, many thanks for including my artwork :hug:
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My pleasure! ♥
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AYSAMOProfessional Interface Designer
thanks for the shoutout, awesome list. bunch of new favs
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Hey, glad you like the shoutout. Thanks :aww:
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SerkenilProfessional Digital Artist
Awesome collection of artworks!! 
Thanks for including mine! :D
mercurycode's avatar
My pleasure, you make kickass great digitals :D
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i-see-facesHobbyist Photographer
thank you very much :bow::rose:
mercurycode's avatar
as always my pleasure :rose:
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SenecalProfessional Digital Artist
Wow so many awesome images. Thanks too for the feature.
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My pleasure! You're making great artworks.
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Scorpini-StockHobbyist Photographer
Thank you for choosing our work in this amazing collection :hug:
mercurycode's avatar
My pleasure :hug: you too keep up the good work!
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Sirius-sdzHobbyist General Artist
thank you dear :heart:
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you know, love. anytime :heart:
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W-out General Artist
woeiiii 2 entries... great thank you so much for the feature and the exposure
great selection  senecal, Ldion nice one by scales and great chris and all others..
big peace to all keep up the good stuff
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Thanks, glad you like the feature again :D I'll keep it up! Next one will be in the first week of December I think.
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GeorgiaThStudent Traditional Artist
thnx :D btw you have a really beautiful face xd
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That's sweet, thank you Georgia :D 
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