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Digital Art Texture 75


When I made this today, I thought about dark times in life... but eventually they'll break up and you'll see that there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

1. No redistribution
  Don't claim my textures as your own with none or minor alterations.

2. Give credit
  So others are able to find the source.

3. Feel free to use my work for whatever you like, wherever you like.
  Please feel free to send me a link to your artwork. I'm always happy to see what you made!

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Image details
Image size
5184x3456px 11.13 MB
Canon EOS 700D
Shutter Speed
1/49 second
Focal Length
55 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Dec 30, 2013, 3:40:12 PM
Sensor Size
© 2014 - 2021 mercurycode
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Thanks a lot for sharing with us! :heart:

MariaLoikkii's avatar
Hello, used your wonderful stock here…
Thanks so much!
Ewalynn's avatar
Hello mercurycode!
I wanted to let you know that I used your texture for my new icon! 
You can see a full view on my deviantart-page!
ange-lina's avatar
Beautiful blue texture, thank you !!! Heart Clap 
mercurycode's avatar
Thank you, too. Glad you like it :)
Deadfish-SilentArmy's avatar

Hey, I used this texture here deadfish-silentarmy.deviantart…

It's not much, but I hope you enjoy the music video, and thank you for allowing me to use your work... :D

mercurycode's avatar
It's great, I enjoyed it very much :D well done! Very soothing.

Thanks for the notice, too! :heart:
Deadfish-SilentArmy's avatar
I'm so pleased that you enjoyed it, thank you.... your comments are very appreciated!!! :D
mercurycode's avatar
Yours are, too! :D
EnuoCale's avatar
Dang. This is some of the best stock I've ever seen. Too bad I never have enough free time to do anything anymore. -.-
mercurycode's avatar
Hey wow, what a compliment! I am flattered. Wait a minute, that must be the secret! On Valentine's Day, forget about flowers and chocolate. Just tell a girl you dig her textures, that'll totally do the job :D 

Just kiddin'. Not about the being-flattered part though, that was true. What do you do that eats up all of your free time, if I might ask?
EnuoCale's avatar
Incessant science homework, mostly. Also, relationship, exercise, writing, work. :v All things I didn't spend as much time on two years ago.
Ironically, the thing I think it is the most is that my desk is kind of in an out of the way way, and full of stuff. And I'd need a desk seat to use a mouse to use photoshop. It's really just too unwieldy to try to use photoshop on a trackpad.
mercurycode's avatar
Okay, that seems like a lot. If you have a lot going on, each day seems way too short.

Mh, there's no desk that cannot be tidied up. Because I agree: Photoshop on a trackpad is a crime.
EnuoCale's avatar
I've been trying to find solutions to use a mouse on a bed. I wonder if those laptop tables actually are convenient. They seem small, and at a very particular angle.
mercurycode's avatar
I can't really judge that because I've never tried it before, but to me they don't seem that convenient :meow:
Ridaine's avatar
This texture is beautiful~
I used it (ever so slightly) on this image~…

Thanks so much for the textures!
mercurycode's avatar
looks great, thanks for the notice! Happy to hear my textures are of good use to you ♥
Sirius-sdz's avatar
wonderful, lovely blue tone.
mercurycode's avatar
I kind of needed that intense blue today.
Sirius-sdz's avatar
today blue it is.
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