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Status (July 2016): Open....sorta XD

I'm busy so I'll be really slow. I've upskilled but I haven't done too much with prices since it'll take so long for me to get anything done. Like, I won't be able to commit to doing more than 5 sprites in an order unless you're ok with waiting until 2018.

It's weird if I have them open if I'm so busy right? XD
I'm always busy, this is just a real life busy on top of my obsessive improvement busy XD I don't know what's going to happen with real life in a couple of years and after then I may have to stop permanently.

I do:
  • Ace Attorney sprites (AAO art thread)
  • Ace Attorney fangame resources (with graphics optimised for target engine e.g. AAO, PyWright)
  • Other specialised things maybe (ask me)
Alternate contact methods: AAO , email/Skype.

Terms and fine print info

“Fine print” information on how I conduct commissions and the rights both parties hold. (porting this over from where it used to be - the old one won't be used any more)

Updated 1st July, 2015.


  • I do have a Skype. If you want to add me to discuss anything it would be good to send a separate message so that you are not auto-blocked.
  • Payment is by PayPal. I don't accept Deviantart Points.
  • All prices I quote are in USD, and are rough estimates. They may rise if what you want is more complex than what I had in mind.
  • I also accept AUD and JPY (I will convert the quoted price at market rate, no additional currency conversion fees)
  • Work does not begin until at least a 50% deposit has been paid.
  • If for some reason you cannot pay the full amount or I am unable to finish a commission, we will remain in contact until a compromise is reached. Be aware you may not receive artwork completed as you anticipated.
  • Similarly, I may not be able to give full refunds if work has already begun. I will do my best to be reasonable.
  • The contents of all commissions are kept entirely secret, and I will ask permission before showing or displaying any part of it. Spoilers will not be spoiled.
  • If you require prints, print quality, or Perceive-quality AA sprites, let me know. This may come at an additional charge.
  • I must be informed if the work is to be used for commercial purposes, because commercial licenses are not included.


The purchaser (whoever is paying for the commission and whatever group they represent, e.g. game dev teams):

  • Can expect updates on the commission at least once every two months, or request updates at any time
  • May post or display the commission wherever they like and as many times as they like, with or without credit every time they do so.
  • Cannot claim the commission as being made or created by anyone that is not me.
  • May edit or create derivative works from the commission as many times as they like. However, the derivative work cannot be used for commercial purposes unless commercial rights have been given.
  • Has the right to request removal should I post or display any part of their commission anywhere, and the right to expect me to do so.


  • May change my baseline prices at any point between enquiries to better reflect my skill level
  • Have the right to request further payment before making any significant changes to the commission once the sketch has been signed off on and linework begins (“significant changes”, in this context, meaning non-detail work. Examples of detail work include colours or adding/removing seams. Examples of non-detail work would be anything that requires new sketch(es), such as changing the clothes altogether.)
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