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My Bio
I want to be a concept artist some day so I'm always trying to improve and open to critique XD
I might offend people with my critiques though...I am very harsh on myself, I know it might make people uncomfortable, tell me if you would prefer it or not.

Someday I'll get good enough to post something to my featured folder XD When that happens I'll fill in the ID/avatar.

Sorry, I don't do requests, only commissions.

Here's my commission info:…
I don't think I'm good yet so you'll need to search for samples, sorry.

Find me on AAO or Skype/email if you want a quick response to anything. (Email is fastest.)

Favourite Games
Ace Attorney
Other Interests
A Turnabout Called Justice pt.1 is out & I will probably be finishing fangame things/commissions until 2017
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On critiques...

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Just some thoughts. I signed up to this site because of its critiquing groups a year ago...but I click into some of the art sometimes and I leave critiques and I do get interested in some people but it's like nothing happens? There are guys that ignore me yeah but it's not them, there's like...a lack of seriousness where I'm looking and I can't find where the serious guys are. Like, the moment someone tells me that something is weird, I go and study the hell out of it. But I know that my level of dedication isn't normal, heh. I heard that it's hard to tell where to go sometimes? I have no idea. I just know that it's hard for me to have fu
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My gallery feels really empty but I'm not sure if I should post some of my older AAO stuff too...
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Hey there SK, You been doing good? 
It's ok XD Been really busy, heh.
I didn't know you were here, nice to see you XD
Good to hear, nice to see you here too.
Welcome to DeviantArt! I was always was a fan of the work I saw you've done on Court Records~

I hope you have fun here ! I hope to see lots of amazing art!~
Thanks XD
I don't draw from imagination very often so I probably won't be that active though...I'm actually mainly here to receive critique and help give some XD I like trying to help and that's something I can help in lol
Yeah, I know the feeling. But Even still, I'll be looking forward to your stuff!
And aww that's really sweet of you! It's always a wonderful thing when fellow artists stick together and help each other out~ It's really awesome to have you in the community!

Let's raise our glass to all the artists, and to good times ahead!
Hey Merc! Welcome to deviantART! Don't worry about not capitalising your name XD It doesn't look odd XD