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Annie Miles

Annie Miles #1 - Downsized
  • July 13, 1982
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My Bio

I'm devoted to commission anyone to make Ami-doll scenarios, that come to mind. I'm also the writer of all of my works under the MerComix brand, which you can buy here.

Who is Ami-doll?

She is Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury of Sailor Moon, who's name was changed due to her smaller size, along with her friends.

How tall is she?

Less than 4 and a half inches tall...comapred to a Barbie doll, she's like Barbie's kid.

What does she wear?

A doll's plastic diaper, for when she goes potty and for comfort...and doll clothes, to cover the diaper that she wears.

Where does she live?

Well...anywhere she is taken to. She used to live in an apartment, before her shrinkage.

How does her friends treat her, at her current size?

She's treated more like a doll...and a sex toy, who want to use her for their pleasure.

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Post Spotlight

Issue 18 of #SenshiDolls concludes the long 14-chapter ...

  |  58 votes
  • Micro Senshi vs Ikuko & Vacuum / Ami shrinks & bukkake'd by Shingo.
  • Ami-doll shrinks a bit and tossed for a toilet nightmare
This contains the following: Shrinking Women Diapers ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lover) Elements Incontinence Description: In this deeply transformative and fetish-rich sequel, we learn more of the compelling journey of Ashley, becoming Annie, was she learns to adjust to her new life under the loving and meticulous care of Ryan. She grapples with the reality of her new existence, which is marked by diapers, baby clothes, and the ever-losing adult independence and continence. Ryan, dedicated and caring, learns to support her through this challenging transition, that blurs their lines between adult and child, caregiver and lover. The comic delves into the emotional and physical aspects of regression and infantilism, offering a unique and provocative narrative that will captivate fans of fetish and ABDL themes. Release date: JULY 26TH!!
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I was tipped $1.5K when someone bought #AnnieMiles #1. Whoever you are, thank you for the generosity.
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Today is a very special day... My birthday! Not only that, but it's the anniversary of the first Senshi Dolls comic, that made MerComix what it is today. I still remember this issue being a big hit after it came out. Not only took the time to commission the comic, but it's realistic cover, made by Artistmyx, that was the kicker! Over the course of 17 issues, with a couple breaks in between and various artists used, I explored the erotic adventures of our shrunken senshi, in many ways possible. I still have the scripts of much the series so far, including season 2 which we will get to in time. And yes, there will be some tweaks in the script to fix some areas in concern, but much will be retained and brought out, in color. Five inches of fun is always a treat for this massive project that launched MerComix into other areas for shrunken women fun. It's a wild ride, but we're not done with our tiny senshi. Stay tuned for updates!
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Llama Farm

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Hi I bought your sailor shrink comic but it only contains the script and the clean pages. Is there an issue with this? This was on you devinart page.

Sorry, the sailor dolls one.

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