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Backdoor Dungeon
"Betamon..." The attendant was going through what appeared to be a list of digimon at the trading center. A tamer and digimon were on the opposite end of the desk asking if one was up for trade. "Betamon--yeah, looks like we got one. Poor thing. It's been through a lot in the past. Right now we're asking for a Gabumon in return. I believe you can find them in SCSI domain." The lady at the desk told the two.
Jordan and Chance(Veemon) both traded glances before looking at the desk attendant. "Thank you." Jordan said before leaving the trade center, Chance following him. "So are you sure about this? I mean I don't mind having another digimon here to handle some the grunt work." Chance asked Jordan, looking at him as they went both entered "RazeKnight". " Yes. Why? Don't want to share me?" Jordan asked teasing Chance a bit. The two traveled in RazeKnight towards the SCSI domain, both ready to work for their new teammate. "Well after you wouldn't left me have that 5th slice of pizza,they ca
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Deadpool vs Pinkie Pie
 Deadpool Vs Pinkie Pie
Deadpool went into the dark alley; it was night and his client The night so far was silent and uneventful, a rarity for the Marvel universe. He saw his client was waiting for him at the end of the alley with a bodyguard. They were both hidden in darkness until the street lights came on. Once he got a look at them, Deadpool was shocked.
“Barbie? What are you doing in such a cliché place like this?” Deadpool asked as he looked over the tall blonde. She wore a detective's hat and trench coat...with high heels and lots of make-up. Now Deadpool was involved in the superhero/supervillain business, so weird stuff was average for  him.  The fact that Barbie had contacted him to kill someone, was new to say the least.
“I'm glad you could make it. I even baked cookies for the occasion in my fantasy kitchen,” Barbie told him as she snapped her fingers. Her 'bodyguard', Ken, handed Deadpool a bag with freshly baked chocolate c
:iconmercilesscremator:MercilessCremator 4 9
Hal by MercilessCremator Hal :iconmercilesscremator:MercilessCremator 1 0
Devil's Machine
The barren plain leading up to the dreaded Oblivion Range was bare, save for a small white blip hopping at a gradually slowing pace. Dark clouds had been gathering for hours, the deep rumble of thunder echoing over the rocks. It looked like the small In-Training digimon's half-baked plan to go straight through to try and just go through the harsh area wasn't going to work so well. Those mountains looked unsalable... A loud crack of thunder made the tiny, pudgy white rabbit-type digimon yelp and bolt for cover--but wait, there wasn't any. There were no trees, no bushes, nothing. The only buildings within any sort of reasonable range looked dangerous and unstable; they might even be infested with dark digimon. After a while--and a few more cracks of thunder--Kittmon decided that she would just have to take refuge within the decaying structure. Approaching it slowly, with the trademark hind-leg-hop of a rabbit and her ears dragging in the dirt, she tentatively looked up at the arching--an
:iconmercilesscremator:MercilessCremator 3 1
Digimon World Dawn: Truth 5
"A day has passed after the incident with the mystical energy that attacked and damaged digital city heavily. Sunshine and Darkmoon city have been completely cut off from each other. Digital Areas shine  west, south and north had also been cut off from contact." Koh continued his damage report. " All LightFang Tamers aside from Chief Glare, had their partners reduced to rookie or in-training. Along with the de-generation, all the experience and attacks they had learned and earned had also been wiped clean from them. This is also assumed to be the case for Darkmoon city as well."
Koh sighed as he looked over to see Komachi looking over the data report on how bad digital world areas were damaged. It looked like they could only connect to three areas, which gave them even less to work  with in this dire situation. Pulsa was at least able to contact and confirm that Digi-Coliseum was fine. It was pretty much untouched by the assault, meaning that all there were safe and
:iconmercilesscremator:MercilessCremator 3 3
DATS vs Hacker
Patamon frowned and glared at John and Guilmon, same as his partner Jason. Both had cornered the hacker and his buddy on top of the DATS center roof. The moonlit night sky and cold breeze set the atmosphere for the upcoming battle. "Any last words before we hurt you, badly?" Patamon asked still upset over the hacker's actions. Jason's eyes were hidden by his shades, yet his body language screamed "unamused rage".
John stood at the building, the moon behind him as he watched the two of them. "'s come to this." He said. "Very well." He reached into his knapsack and took a green device, slapping it onto his arm. "Now then, let's get this over with." Guilmon stepped up to the bat, tightening his green scarf. "Boom Bubble!", Patamon started off attacking right off the bat, flying upwards into the sky after launching his attack. "Sparking Boom Bubble!" He then sent a static charged air shot at Guilmon, hopping to stun that much larger raptor.
Guilmon started to seemingly
:iconmercilesscremator:MercilessCremator 1 0
First Test...
Shin sat in a odd manner on a lobby seat holding a bag on his lap. A Demi-Veemon sitting its head out looking up, "Hey Shin, is this that place you where on about?" He had two over sized headphones on his head, not even clamped to his ears more to the side of its little face, Shin looked down only his eyes gazing upon the blue digimon. "Yeah... it is." He said coldly, raising a hand to push his glasses up some.
Jordan Masters walked into the cold lobby room with his partner Veemon at his side. Jordan was wearing his gold hawks uniform, his white helm with his faction's symbol on his head. He was lean yet muscular from what most could tell. His Red shirt with a golden "X" on it along with his blue sleeveless vest failing to hide it. "Hey are you two the newest to test on joining a fraction?" Veemon asked happily, noting that Jordan's hands were in his pockets and that his gold tinted visor hid his eyes looking down at his sliver laces. "Alright, you had a bit of training with this. Just
:iconmercilesscremator:MercilessCremator 1 3
Name: Jordan Masters
Age: 16
Description: Black with Black hair kept as a pony tail reaching his shoulders. He has a lean and slightly muscular frame, mostly tone. Do to all the exercise he gets trying to keep up with Veemon. He wears the Gold Hawks uniform. White helm with gold hawk emblem on the helm with a drop down dark-gold tinted visor. Red shirt with golden 'X' on the front, sleeveless blue vest worn open, black and red gloves, blue jeans, black shoes with silver laces.
Digivice: D-3 (02)(Modified)
Digi-eggs: Digiegg of Sincerity.
Partner: Veemon
Partner Evoultion Line:
- [All Lines]- [Chibimon-Demiveemon-Veemon]
- [Dragon Line] -ExVeemon-Hisyaryumon-Goldramon
- [Knight Line]- Veedramon-AeroVeedramon-Ulforceveedramon
- [Dark Line] - Airdramon- Megadramon- Darkdramon
Partner: Betamon
Partner Evoultion Line:
- [All Lines]- [Pichimon-Bukamon-Betamon]
- [Dragon Line] - Airdramon-Megadramon-Megidramon
- [Knight Line]- Da
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Duke meets Laika
SnowAgumon looked around at droplets of water on the tree leaves in the forest. His light blue skin was slightly drenched as well, he was carrying few bottles of water for his brother and SkullMeramon. The three had been traveling to Infinity Mountain for the past few days, only resting a few hours at nightfall. The sky was clear from the rainclouds that hid it from view earlier on in the day. The dark blue sky was lite by the full moon and a crisp breeze washed over the area.
SnowAgumon shuddered slightly as he ran with his little legs back to the camp where his brother and SkullMeramon was. He ran through a few puddles as he dashed on the cold wet dirt road.
Not far from where SnowAugumon was running, a shadowy figure gazed intently at him, seemingly curious to know where he was going. Slowly, the stranger began to follow. A closer view would show the figure was holding someone who was asleep, a young girl. The stranger, foolish enough not to watch his footing, tumbled from the wood
:iconmercilesscremator:MercilessCremator 3 8
Name: Alexis Sophia Yates
Age: 18
Description: Alexis has light brown hair, stopping at her shoulders. She has a fair complexion not pale or tanned and has hazel brown eyes. Her body is toned and medium build, she has strong leg and abdominal, from running and Tae Kwon Do lessons. She is 5'5 and has long eyelashes.
Personality: She is hard to describe accurately, she marches to the beat of her own drum yet can follow others if she deems it necessary. She cares about other so much that she even donates blood to the blood bank, yet hates being forced to help someone who she thinks doesn't deserve such kindness. She is very intelligent and works towards being an IT professional.
She thinks for herself and is independent, yet still feels lonely more often than not, even in social settings because she can't connect well with others. She tries hard not to cause conflict, yet refuses to apologize for her views and beliefs.  Deep down she believes in doing
:iconmercilesscremator:MercilessCremator 2 3
Masked-X vs Ryder
A young man with brownish-black hair and blue goggles walked on the currently empty school grounds. He wore an armored bodysuit that was pitch black, it clinging to his body that was grown for combat. His face was covered by black was that hid the lower half of it, leaving only his hair to be exposed. The night sky was clear, the stars being the only thing from being as dark as his bodysuit. A gentle breeze brushed against him and his surroundings, making the grass and tree leaves dance.  
Another slightly younger man was currently walking back to him dorm room, after a longs day work. Quite a few people would me upset over having to return home so late, but not this man. He enjoyed his job at the bakery near his school and he loved walking around at night. His green and short black hair feeling the breeze along with his tanned skin. His blue shirt, black pants and black shoes with red laces all had flour stains on them, but he didn't care. He took a bite of a piece of bread
:iconmercilesscremator:MercilessCremator 0 2
Meramon vs Bushidomon
Drew and Girimon were camping at the edge of the city, leaning against a small outcropping of rocks off the side of the dirt road, a small fire lit, while Girimon at the time was practicing some basic stances.
Duke and SkullMeramon both traveled on the wastelands with expressions that gave no trace of discomfort. Duke was currently dawning his hooded jacket, his black pants having dirt stains from walking in the wastelands for a long period of time. He heard that around this area once legendary heroes confronted a great evil once. He wanted to see if he could find any clues as to which great heroes or evil was once here. That information could help him find his lead to Yggdrasil, or so he hoped.
SkullMeramon looked a bit uneasy, de-digivolving back to Demimeramon. Duke looked over to see that DemiMeramon was hungry, the fact he was growled at by DemiMeramon's stomach only proving this fact. "I see." was all Duke said noting that man and a digimon he had never seen before were a few fee
:iconmercilesscremator:MercilessCremator 3 2
My very first OC...
Name: Senshuken Toumoku
Gender: Male
Rank/Squad: Head Captain of Squad 1
Zanpaktou: Iroriryuu (Furnace Dragon)
Blood Type: N/A
Appearance: Medium build muscle wise, standing at 6 feet. He has black hair pulled to the back of his head, styled into spikes. He has re eyes and red facial markings around his eyes and on above his cheeks. He has a tattoo as mark of his nobility on his right hand.
Personality: Senshuken is a complex man, with two distinctive sides to him, the most seen side is the Stoic no nonsense side, all business and efficient. Usually with a natural or emotionless expression, he leads his squad into combat to obliterate any threats to the Serietei or Soul Society. His voice is filled with confidence and power, able to rose the spirits of his comrades around him if necessary.
His tactics are swiftly disable your opponent and defeat them as soon as possible, showing NO hesitation. Even if you hold one of his comrades or cher
:iconmercilesscremator:MercilessCremator 0 6
Name: Allister Ern Clancy
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Personality: He's a man driven by his emotions. Due to his upbringing, he is quiet and secretive. He prefers to have his actions do his talking for him, observing the people around him. He really won't speak unless spoken to, and holding conversations with him would be difficult, do to his short and to the point answers. If you can stir him, he'll become easier to read as his emotions become easier to see under his mask of mystery.
History & Bio: He is the child of psychic parents. Due to being born with psychic powers, he had to learn to control them. Thus he had a hard time and was considered an ill boy in his childhood to those around him who didn't know about his powers. He had to grow up fast and mature so he could control himself and his powers. This robbed him of a normal childhood and stunted his ability to function on a social level. He eventually followed in his parents foo
:iconmercilesscremator:MercilessCremator 0 3
Musing: OC's I'll never see...
Okay due to plot bunnies that won't go away and seeing mostly the same generic characters repeatedly,  I ended up writing this. So here are few things you'll never see in Digimon Ocs.
Conflicting Partners – No I'm talking more than just, one likes ice cream while the other hates it. Actual conflict that is major part of their relationship and dynamic.
Think about it, imagine a character with a phobia of Clowns getting partnered with Piedmon. Phobia of males or females? Cue partner of the opposite gender that looks very humanoid. Fear of bugs, Wormmon says hello. Fear of commitment can work too, I mean when you stuck with a person for life, I'm pretty sure some humans and digimon would prefer to be loners and not left to watch out for someone else.
Then lets not forget the digimon partner, fear of heights, fear of  humans, fear of color pink. Heck with phobias you can pretty much find something to make them more interesting to watch.
Though of-cour
:iconmercilesscremator:MercilessCremator 2 8
Name: Ryder Harding Knight
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Ryder is 5' 10 and has a medium sized body build, due from having a high metabolism. His hair is black but kept extremely short, with just enough to cover his head. His ears and nose are rounded and his eyes are a dark green sometimes mistaken as emerald. His torso and fore arms are decorated with tribal tattoos, starting from his fore arms and stopping above his abs.
Said abs are defined but not yet toned enough to be consider rock hard abs. From the waist down, his lower body muscles are tone and fit, from years of running and biking. His attire normally consists of a simple shirt or a shirt with a simple design along with jeans, his shoes either being black or blue, designs optional. For special occasions he'll, dress up with clothes with more impressive designs or wear a jacket.
As for the colors of his clothes, Blue, Green, Black, Grey or a combination of said colors are usually what he goes fo
:iconmercilesscremator:MercilessCremator 0 0
Hopefully these will just keep getting better!


Yup! I'm taking requests to help improve and show what I can do! :dummy:

Information/Form: mercilesscremator.deviantart.c…

I'll just be brief here and say a few things:

:bulletred: No fetish or Hardcore requests.

:bulletblue: Requests will take from from 2 weeks to a month depending on the kind of request asked for.

:bulletgreen: Completed requests will be posted as examples.

:bulletblack: Only one request per person.

~.: Requests List :>~</u>

[1]: HolyNegative0 (Deadpool vs Pinkie Pie) [Completed.] [ mercilesscremator.deviantart.c… ]

[2]: LeviathanDemon (Shoutmon meets Deathmon/Ghoulmon)

[3]: Arohtar (OCs and Roy)

[4]: Free~

[5]: Free~

Writing Sample

It was dark, the moonless night sky above your head. You turn to see that the local wildlife is oddly still this night. It seemed as though they were lifeless statues left in the woods. You feel a cold chill wash against the forest and body, giving you goosebumps as a result. You run a hand through your hair, feeling a stray left there. You gently take it out, seeing the clingy leaf had something on it.  It was dry yet rough, you can make out in the darkness it's colors. A darkish brown mixed with light blue. Throwing the leaf away you hear something move in the bushes nearby. Startled a bit, you turn towards the sound of the rustling, breathing a bit faster. Your heart was beating faster while a bead a sweat rolled down your cheek. What was in the bushes?

Deciding not to be bold and investigate, you begin to travel back to the house you were staying in. your pace a bit quicker than normal, and your senses heightened. You frowned as you saw the night air became tainted with the smell of ashes. As you move closer to your destination, the smell becomes stronger. You cover your mouth and nose with your shirt after inhaling a bit of it and coughing. As you finally reach the house, planning to get inside where it's safe, you see a terrible sight.

The ash covered remains of the house, the building clearly had been burned to the ground...
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