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Mystic Forest

My mystical forest, i like how it turned out. I also had allot of fun making it

Credits for the model :iconpieceofmestock: Lovely gallery she has.

Brushes are from :iconrubina119:

Wings are from :iconrequiem-k:

and the forest i found here [link]

So this is what i made of it. Enjoy!!!
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You're quite good at photo manips! It looks great, well done ;u;
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Teehee!!! Thank you so much. All i know i learned from tut's on youtube hahaha. And because i don't have a drawing tablet (yet) i don't draw much in Psc. I have some digital drawings done with the mouse but -.- Hahaha they arent that good. So thats why my focus lies with manips ^^ but but but i hope to get much much better.
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Haha, you're welcome XD
You're doing really well considering you're new to it ;u;
As lovely as photo manips are, I wouldn't do them... I can't say it's as satisfying as drawing, in my opinion XD
I've always had a tablet when I've done digital... I just never wanted to use a mouse, I'm not that patient T^T