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We're a group for fans (artists, writers, art appreciators) of The Walking Dead's pairing, Merchonne (Merle x Michonne). We're an international Fan Club with fans from all over the world.
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    Gif by Yukari888 (please credit here).

    :bulletblue:About Us
    :bulletblue:The Dixons
    :bulletblue:Comic Discussion

    The purpose of this club is for you, the Merle x Michonne (Merchonne) fan, to have a place to come and support the pairing, to learn more about the pairing itself, to Feature work, bring quality to the fandom, and spread awareness of the pairing.

    1. Have a badass time!
    2. Submit to the correct folder.
    3. No bashing other fandoms of The Walking Dead.
    4. Do not submit anti-Merle x Michonne (anti-Merchonne) to the Gallery or Favorites.
    5. You must be a fan of Merle x Michonne in order to join or be interested in learning about the pairing.

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    Gif by Yukari888 (please credit here).

    To join click the "Join Our Group" icon.

    ~*~Contributing Art~*~
    To submit art click the "Contribute Art" icon.

    Merchonne by Yukari888 Hard Goobye by Yukari888 M and M by Yukari888 No Bashing Other TWD Fandoms by Yukari888 .: Michonne :. by ZombiMandi .: Merle :. by ZombiMandi Merle flips the bird by Coley-sXe Merle Dixon Stamp by BaRdOfRaGeGaMzEe RIP Merle Stamp by BaRdOfRaGeGaMzEe Daryl Dixon Stamp by Xnvy Reunion- black n white by Coley-sXe Awww by Coley-sXe Stabby time by Coley-sXe Merle and the Bird by Coley-sXe Family reunion by Coley-sXe Badass Dixons by Coley-sXe Dixon Bros by Coley-sXe The Walking Dead by SmearingSin :thumb323632941: :thumb420954098:

    "I actually love chocolate covered pretzels--do you have some for me...? You bad, bad girl!" -Michael Rooker to Danai Gurira

    "During an interview between Michael Rooker and Danai Gurira at the Emerald City Comic Con, the two admitted that they 'ship' themselves. Rooker referred to Michonne as 'his woman' and Gurira blushed — oh, yeah, she BLUSSSSHHHHED — and he GRINNNNNEEEDDD (in fact, he referred to her as 'his woman' several times in different interviews)!" -Tranimation

    "Michonne doesn't really look at Merle as a direct threat. She trusts instinctively she can defuse this guy, even though there's an impending threat ahead. Ultimately, I have to do what I have to do, but I really don't want to have to get there. She sort of unravels to him who he became as a result of the Governor and the distinction she makes to him about himself is the fact that he's not the Governor. He's not one of those people who just does evil things and feels no remorse." -Danai Gurira

     photo car_ride___unvraveling_by_yukari888-d7qd9lp.gif
    Gif by Yukari888 (please credit here).

    "Yeah, and I think Merle was also a mystery unto himself, because many times, people like Merle don’t know what motivates them, be it money, violence, or whatever. They see there’s a surface-level motivation, but underneath all that there are other reasons why they’re doing what they’re doing. Sometimes people are impulsive, and in Merle’s case, he’s been around the world a couple times and he’s a bit bitter and yet you find that his devotion and love towards his brother is paramount in this Apocalyptic time." -Michael Rooker

    "Yeah, we want people of all ages who are being bullied to have this inner monologue of, 'Fuck you, I’m amazing, and I don’t need your approval.' And it’s something I’m very proud to be involved with, and the way they’ve taken something like flipping the bird and changing it by adding the thumb, trying to make a positive out of that and basically saying, 'Enough is enough, screw it, no more of this crap.' I mean, you’re not going to do away with bullying completely, and sometimes the cyber bulling is worse than the physical bullying. They go on the internet and Facebook and they rip each other to shreds, and I don’t know why. It’s a shame, man." -Michael Rooker
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