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Mercenary Sheeda.:pagedoll:. by Feline-girl-2000
Name: Sheeda / Cedar
Universe: Megaman X
Species: Reploid
Age: N/A
Height: 6'5"
Specialty: Sharpshooting
Weapon: 22XX Grade Modded Rifle (sniper/anti-tank hybrid)
Secondary Weapon: Basic Plasma Arm Buster
Voice: Upper Received Pronunciation ("Posh" English/British Accent)
Additional: AA Intelligence, Optic zoom capabilities of +75x, Exceptional memory

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Megaman X7

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(In regards to the Archie Comic Megaman/Sonic crossover.)

Who of Eggmans metal puppets do you fear the most?

Cedar and Dynamo are my favorites, good to see that someone talented gives them love.
Hello, Cedar. I heard some...tragedies recently happened to you on the field.

Reign of Shadows: Season 3, Episode 1Consequences

Wandering. That was all Iaoel did in this afterlife of his.
He’s seen others, of all different species and genders. But the worst part of it was seeing all of the different Andals and not one of them even knowing him.
They died in numerous different ways. The most common ones were of a mercenary named Taniks, the Scarred, or of their timeline being consumed. Not many people survived timeline destruction, light or darkness, and when they did survive, they emerged as an Umbrati or Luxonia, loyal to the cause that destroyed them.
If you walked in a straight line, you would continue on forever. The afterlife had no alliance of light or darkness, just like the Walkways Iaoel lived in his entire life.
Every once and awhile, Iaoel would stop and look at his hand. He was certain that he died with his engagement ring, but when he opened his eyes to find himself here, it was gone. Andal most likely took it with him, which was impressive, considering the situation th

But I also heard that you have met old...allies? I don't know what other way to put it.

Reign of Shadows: Season 3, Episode 3Production Lines
Author’s Note: The story of Cedar and Cypress is a combination of Featherhead’s (AO3), LittleSocket’s (DeviantArt), and my own personal take. The Jade Courtyard (name, not purpose) belongs to Socket, the sibling line idea, Dynamo’s role in Cedar’s personal rebellion, and Cedar’s original purpose go to Featherhead, and Cypress and the confirmed siblings go to me.
The life of a Blade of Marmora was a dangerous one, but a good one. Cypress certainly thought it was better than her previous life as a slave to the human monopoly.
The death of Takumi hit the Blades hard. Krolia delivered it to the thirty-something Blades in a shaky tone, sending a shockwave all throughout them. Tears were shed, and curses flew out of people’s mouths. Even Nythera quickly excused herself, probably to cry somewhere.
As for Cypress, she didn’t react that much. She still showed sadness, but there was nothing beyond looking down at the

Rest assured, we are hunting their murderers at this moment, but...I want you to know you have my deepest condolences. The mission was never meant to go the way it did.
Thanks for the llama! :)
And thanks to you as well! 
Thank you for the watch, you are a sweetheart! :happybounce: