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USS Olympia C-6


The USS OLYMPIA was the flagship of the Asiatic Squadron. It is the only naval vessel from the American Spanish-American War fleet still in existence. OLYMPIA is one of the most significant vessels in United States history as she was the flagship of Commodore Dewey in his victory over the Spanish Squadron at Manilla Bay. The United States took a large step towards becoming a world power with his victory.

The USS OLYMPIA is permanently docked at Penn's Landing in Philadelphia. It is the only American warship from the Spanish American War still in existence.

Prints of this artwork are now available at:…

This piece was created in Illustrator CS and is entirely vector.

The shading was rendered using the blend tool between different vector shapes tools.

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I have 4 spoons for the USS Olympia in the battle of manila 1898…
MercenaryGraphics's avatar
I want them.

I'll come up with a reason why you should hand them over.....
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lol, i found them at an antique shop
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This is really awesome.
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I remember seeing her in Philly 3 years ago... Such a beautiful ship)
MercenaryGraphics's avatar
I need to check it out!
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USS Olympia!! my favorite warship!!
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She is a mighty warship. The flagship of Commodore Dewey during the Battle of Manila Bay. :salute:
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Awesome. A shame she may wind up becoming an artificial reef if the Navy doesn't find a new museum for her
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Vallejo, ca has made some requests, but i doubt Olympia could make the trip w/o foundering!
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Or placed on a floating drydock, a la USS Cole, which would be even more expensive.  Personally, I think we should take a British approach, and permanently drydock museum ships of a certain age.
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