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Tankboy Yule

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Holiday greetings from the Tank!
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deck the halls with boughs of HE
it's winter war
'tis the season to be commie
it's winter war

This is going to be my background on Christmas.
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Amusing you went for Soviet vehicles on this one... Those are usually the most cramped ones.

Speaking of which, a special mention goes to the Şeniletă Malaxa Tip UE (licence produced Renault UE Chenillette) , officially the worst vehicle I've even been in in terms of interior space. When your knees get in the way of closing the hatch you know you have a problem...
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I was actually drawn to the cheery lighting from inside, with a dark and cold landscape.
As for cramp, a friend of mine served in the J&A, and said everyone sat in each others laps in these things.
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I'm sorry, but that reference flew straight over my head - what is J&A?
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Yugoslav People's Army.
Sorry for the obscure
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Ah! I never would have guessed in a thousand years.
 I get it now, from "Jugoslavenska narodna armija" -> "JNA" -> "J and A". Clever. :D

And yeah, I know they used the T-34/85 until pretty late and a few saw action in the
Yugoslavian Civil War around 1995-96.

We also used them until pretty late - here's a picture of one being used to attack a police station in Sibiu during the Romanian Revolution of 1989.

I also had the occasion to sit in one at the National Military Museum in Bucharest, but they're not nearly as cramped as other vehicles, like the T55, for example. On the other hand, visibility from inside is appalling.

Also, another vehicle that I loathe because of poor ergonomics is the
TAB-71 (licence built BTR-60), because of it's really tiny hatches located high up. It was designed for people wearing basic uniforms, so it's a nightmare to get out while wearing a plate carrier, especially since you have to launch yourself blindly feet first through a hatch which is roughly one and a half meters off the ground... (theoretically there are also top hatches, but in the vehicle I was in there was a spare wheel on top of them, so they were unusable)

The improved TAB-71M and the TAB-77 (licence built BTR-70) are somewhat better because they a bigger door located low between the third and four road pairs, but even so it's a hassle to get in and out.

Luckily it then got better with the
B33 Zimbru (licence produced BTR-80) which has a two-piece door in the same position as that of the TAB-77 and it's a non-problem in the next generation, the purely indigenous SAUR-2 which has a back door/ramp. (also currently in use are number of Piranha IIICs, but those also have a back ramp, so no problems there)
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Hey there;

Thanks for the tech information, I climbed over a BTR-70 a while back, and found it most confining.

Yer picture of the T-34/85 is pretty interesting.

A friend of mine was teaching in Bucharest at the time, and her stories are pretty hairy, as was the aftermath with the coal miners cracking the skulls of anyone who looked at them sideways. A friend of hers served in in a tank regiment, and had some pretty entertaining tales to tell as well.

Thanks again!
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