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Skoda 30.5 cm Morser M. 11

The Škoda 30.5 cm Mörser M. 11 was a siege howitzer used by the Austro_Hungarian Army during the Great War..

Development began in 1906, when a development contract was placed by the Austro-Hungarian high command with Skoda-Werke in Pilsen to develop a weapon capable of penetrating the concrete fortresses being built in Europe. Development work continued until 1909, when the first prototype was finished and, in 1910.

The weapon was transported in three sections by a 100-Horsepower15 ton Austro-Damlier road tractor M. 12. It broke down into barrel, carriage and firing platform loads, each of which had its own trailer. It could be assembled and readied to fire in around 50 minutes.

Eight Mörsers were loaned to the German Army and they were first fired in action at the start of The Great War. They were used in concert with the Krupp 42 cm howitzer to destroy the rings of Belgian fortresses around Liege, Namur and Antwerp.

This piece was created in Illustrator CS and is entirely vector.

The shading was rendered using the blend tool between different vector shapes, and a some use of the gradient and transparency tools.


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Wow, that's awesome!!!
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As always, we have outstanding work here ... :thumbsup:
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Thanks! This part of a show marking the 100th anniversary of the Great War.

The show is in August.
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Anytime Erik ... anytime ;)
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Nicely done! First thing that came to mind when i opened this was "Thud! - Boom!"
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