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La Legion etrangere

A stylized portrait of the French Foreign Legion.

This piece was created in Illustrator CS and is entirely vector.

Art available here:…
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Bloody good, nice work as always.
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Enlist now! Well done sir
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Très classieux !
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Even they a ENEMY. But i must say they Uniform is more cool then my army uniform.
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bad asses the lot of them
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La, voila du boudin, voila du boudin, voila du boudin
Pour les Alsaciens, les Suisses et les Lorrains
Pour les Belges yen a plus, pour les Belges y en a plus
Ce sont des tirreurs au cul!
Pour les Belges yen a plus, pour les Belges y en a plus
Ce sont des tirreurs au cul!

A Tonkin la Legion immortelle
A Tyuen-Qang illustra notre drapeau
Heros de Camerone et freres modeles,
Dormez en paix dans vos tombeaux!

Au cours de nos campaignes lontaines
Affrontant la fievre et le feu
Oublions avec nos paines
La mort qui nous oblie si peut

Nous la Legion!
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Actually I got an enthusiastic call from a former Legionnaire about this piece.

Have to admit,it was a nice getting that sort of recognition!
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If you're interested in the Foreign Legion, you might enjoy this short story of mine:


About 75% of the incidents described therein are based on real events (especially the entire battle of Bir Hakeim, a sadly forgotten chapter of WWII history).

Interestingly enough, I recently learned that two of my great-uncles were in the Legion. One wanted adventure (he certainly got it) and the other was Shanghaied (the recruiting officer got him drunk and made him sign the enlistment papers)! Both died at the battle of Dien Bien Phu in Vietnam.
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Those are formidable credentials!
I will give them a read, thanks!
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I'm actually in the midst of making a Legionnaire costume (Bir Hakeim uniform) for a party. I have only the Kepi left to make. I'll let you know once I have photos!
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Those are easy enough to find!
The 1950's version are a close enough match.
I will dig up an old photo of my self also.
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The uniforms at Bir Hakeim were pretty irregular; in fact, they essentially consisted of khaki shirts and shorts with British Pattern 37 webbing and either kepis or brodie helmets ([link]).

Strangely enough, I own a complete set of Pattern 37 Webbing (with pistol holster, canteen and Bren/Sten magazine carriers) as well as a replica Sten Gun and some sand goggles. Like I said, all I need is the Kepi!
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if you were a little closer, i could sell you a spare!
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Truly one of the toughest bunches of men ever to walk upon the earth. Vive le Legionnaire!
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Vive la mort! Vive la guerre! Vive le sacre Legionnaire!
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