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Just doing a little sorting of the gallery. I've got some other photos I really need to get around to uploading. But I'm a lazybutt. >.>
This past weekend was awesome, as we drove down to Kentucky to go through Mammoth Caves. I may or may not have many photos worth putting up here from it, but the trip was great.
Going four miles underground was quite interesting and very much something I'd recommend - as long as you have no problems walking that far in about four hours. :)
Um, that was sort of a surprise. Not sure if I like it or not yet. It's certainly... different. We'll just have to see how easy it is to get used to. I do kinda prefer the new top bar already, though.
Mostly doing this so the camera notice isn't on the front page. ;P Although I've taken over 4000 shots with it now, so yeah, I think it's doing well. I love the thing. :D
There's only one problem with it... now I want more varied lenses to go with it, and that's not cheap! xD
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Oh, woohoo! Thanks to a VERY awesome person, I've got a brand spanking new Canon Rebel XSi of my very own! Now I just need to find some time to go out to pretty locations and take more photos! :D
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I know I don't put things up very often. I need to get out more and be more active in this sort of thing. Hopefully those I DO get up are enjoyed, though. :D
I really need to get a better camera, but this one will do for now. XD
Well, I've finally gotten a DA account. It'll give me a place to put some of my photography and other random endeavors, though. Maybe this side of my interests'll get a little more exposure here than usual. :)

My website contains my programming and software interests, for the record. I've got quite a few things uploaded there, but none of my own photography and the like. That's what this DA account is for! ^.^