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the beautiful awful, the open in me
there's a twinge in my back
matted in the muscle and it
sounds like this:
pixels on the ribs of my
skin, ‘cause i’m all / asteroid imprints
at the bases of my fingers and
papercuts pinched into my palms and split
skin ripping in two, and that’s
beautiful. / ‘cause these hands just can't
catch a break but i’m
still throwin’ em like someone’s gonna
pluck up the punches someday and
love them back / with every synapse it took
to pull them
in the first place.
so i’m letting fear steer the breaths that
fade faint out of me: pretend i 
remembered the poem. how the ghost
of a lisp lives listless at my lips
doesn’t matter when the glow aches
breathless in my hips ‘cause i’m still
falling for people with
four-lettered names, and
melting into march just the way
my tired tendons would have wanted
if i hadn’t sewn the sweet sting up
so deep.
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 74 16
3. blueblind
used to reel with shock
when she’d rock that dress
like a climber, hitching her hips
just to set me on fire / and
scaling those cliffs, i’d get sick
with desire to sketch every
dip and trip rich at her pyre. but i’d
be a liar if i said
her cool-colored hold in
my head still grips higher:
she was born on a Saturday
sharp-eyed and
bitter cold, saint-named
and centerfold, and
the camera clicks as
she bristles like this but
i don’t get that chill
like i used to, no
i’m not fussed
when her head tilts up
to the light
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 28 24
1. it used to be like breathing
i want the words back i
want the words back I Want
The Words Back & battered in the
heart shaped holes they
sprang from i want them
full and round and pumping
swirled in two clean-snapped
whipped halves stirring
strawberry red through the
printer jam poem & no
crumbs left over i want
all the wildberries in the pan to
ooze with The Words Back when i
fold them into the fucking
chia seeds i want to push
in the love with the heel of my
hand and feel
the pulse of
The Words Back beating out
in return and i will
lop the claws off of my
poems if i have to / dock their
apostrophes like dogtails if
that's what their spines want /
box-crop their lop ears if
that's the bob they're
bounding after / coz its
something i know u said u
never used 2
understand but
god when ur straight-starred
back shows the ribs right
through u kinda go
clotting with the scraps of it, u
grow sick n sallow with it, u learn
how lungs become stomachs
become its fingerprint curves on ur
body, n that all of it l
:iconpeaseblossoms:peaseblossoms 35 36


Wow. The Deviant Art experience has not been what I expected; it has actually been better than I's been amazing. I opened this account at the perpetual (and annoying) urging of my assistant curator in the gallery I managed and then directed for several years until recently. She is about 9 years my junior and I was under the impression for many years that DA was "just a place for emo teens to share their angst-riddled scribbles" with each other. My apologies for the snap judgment; you can blame my four younger sisters for that. Our mum took away internet access from them for a year after she found them gawking at a painting made with blood...period blood. *flips table* "WHY?!!!" And I'm sure there are still plenty of cadaverous, macabre, and perhaps highly questionable material throughout the site, but there are so many stunning, touching images and concepts that have literally brought tears to my eyes today. Hey-when the art speaks to you, you listen. I personally need to feel connected in some way to the artist as well, dead or alive. Sounds curious, I'm certain, but take Van Gogh as an example--once you understand how tormented his mind was and relate to him on many different levels, over 100 years after he died. Anyway, Art History is a pointless pursuit for a degree if you're unable to connect with the artist through their creation; if it doesn't happen organically, I recommend pursuing something a little less emotionally taxing.

Anyway as I was saying, it was recently brought to my attention by the aforementioned assistant that getting a foot in the door with DA might be beneficial for my career as well as the art museum I was leaving the gallery for, AND the artists here on DA. I already have way too many pieces of fine art collected over the past decade--my room at university was so full of paintings that my flatmate demanded I rent a storage unit for it lest I desire her to light them on all on fire. MY PRECIOUS! So, no. I should not be filling my house with more art to display. But I'm still gonna, so there. I have mentally spent $100K already on prints here.
I now see what the assistant was talking about; I would be scrolling and creeping through the site 24/7 if I didn't need sleep. Or a paycheck. As it happens, I'm fond of both.

I digress. The point I was getting to is that I see endless possibilities as far as finding new and fresh talent, perhaps with just a low-key debut to display some unconventional masterpieces; creations atypical to what patrons expect to see during their visits. In my opinion, we really should have a wing with galleries for 18+ mature content with sultry erotica. NOTE: This is why I am keeping anonymous; there is a board of directors and they don't care for my idea at all. So shush. UPSIDE: As the curator, I'm losing my mind with excitement over the thought of hopefully having the opportunity to bring something fresh to the table, putting brilliantly crafted and photographed pin-ups, nudes, cosplay captures, and some truly epic manga imagery on display to foster open-mindedness and also encourage appreciation--you can appreciate it without liking it; to each his own--for artwork they don't typically consider to be art. Well...I'm excluding things made with period blood. *shivers*

ALSO: THANK YOU so, so very much for the llamas and badges. I still have yet to figure out %100 what they are for, but I did read that for me to be a "Core" member, I'd have to pay a monthly fee, so someone must have gifted it to me. I don't know who you are, but many thanks! That was very generous and I am quite pleased.

If you see that I've been to your page and/or added your pics to my favorites lists but have yet to comment or watch you, it's because I am so psyched about everything I'm seeing that i have the focus of a dodo bird on crystal meth. I want to see ALL the pretty things. I'm a "thank you card person" for everything in life, so it would drive me crazy if I didn't go back and be more thorough, taking care to study every photo that grabs me and try to appropriately articulate my appreciation and/or adoration of them. There are so many gifted people with a little twist of lime, connecting via a constant stream of creativity. Boss.

Drop me a note if you like--feel free to ask me any questions or suggest certain artists to check out or even let me know if a faux pas of sorts on my part needs addressing. I won't bite. That's only on alternating Wednesdays at 6:32pm sharp...

I will hopefully get some photos when I go to the lake this weekend...I've been playing around with a new lens.


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