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The Legend Of The Tree
When the world was young it was angry, wild, and reckless much as the youth are to this day. In those days storms raged, the ground shook, an d the seas made war with the land. It was a harsh time for our forebearers, everyday was a struggle to stay alive and live to see the next day.
In those days tribes made war with one another in spite of the worlds own hostile intentions. So it was an act of desperation that compelled our forebearers to make the dangerous trek along the bridge of land in search of a better place to live.
The journey was hard, enemies harassed them along the way, the seas swallowed the lands and dragged many to their deaths. The gods sent the winds, the hailstones and lightning. Even the animals moved against us, predator and prey alike struck back and many of our best hunters were dead from tooth, claw, horn, and hoof.
Many began to lose hope as exhaustion and despair took hold, many gave up ceasing their trek to die where they stopped, and no threat or encouragem
:iconmercenaryblade:MercenaryBlade 17 21
Contest Entry: The Stray
The cat first came to them on a warm spring day, a cream colored short furred thing with a bit of black at the tip of the tail. The cat stared at them warily from the base of the dumpster with bright yellow eyes. The fur was stained with mud.
Ever the cat lover Margaret reached for the feline which promptly ran away.
“It’s ok, come here kitty kitty. Pssh pssh pshh.” She called.
“Margaret that’s a feral cat, she’s not going to come to you. She’s learned not to trust humans.”
This from her husband Zach. “Now come on and help me with this couch.”
Sighing she went to help her husband with the sofa.
The newlyweds had just moved into their first apartment together, it was small, old but it was there place. Feral cats were common most of the neighbors finding them a nuisance and shooing them away.
The cream colored cat with the large ears was often seen loping among the cars. Despite the dirtiness of the stray Margaret couldn’t
:iconmercenaryblade:MercenaryBlade 5 6
(AT) Prince Gabriel's Treasure
Prince Gabriel waited eagerly within his own private study surrounded by old tomes and scrolls of the past. The study was the young prince’s favorite abode. A few low light candles lit the study casting their warm light upon the gloom of the castle.
He was perusing one of the aged tomes when there was a knock at the door. He’d been expecting it.
“Enter,” He called.
A man in large black cloak bowed.
“My prince, I have brought the sellswords you requested.”
“Very good Siegfried, show them in.” Gabriel replied.
The servant bowed as he ushered two men within, the first seemed ordinary enough fair skin, brown hair, green eyes and an ordinary hand and a half sword at his side. But the second man seemed far more exotic, light brown skin some may even call yellow, long jetblack hair in a ponytail, a sword unlike any Gabriel had  ever seen at his side.
Both bowed respectfully, but in their body language the prince could tell much of both.
:iconmercenaryblade:MercenaryBlade 3 7
Cult of the Moon Goddess PT2 Of 2
Farah was in the grand hall showing off the jade idol to Henrick and Hansel.
“Neither of you said a thing about Golems! That was a nasty surprise, so I’ll be taking those gold nuggets,” Farah grumbled.
Henrick started to say something but was cut off by Farah.
“This idol better fetch me a good price!”
“Hansel, would you please grab the bag of nuggets so our… guest can be on her way.”
Hansel bowed and started to scamper off when he suddenly stopped. “Lord Henrick,” he called.
“Outside! They’re outside.”
Farah and Henrick glanced out a window to see dozens of black robed figures moving in on the house.
“How did those idiots follow us here,” Farah asked.
Henrick growled, “They must have figured I sent you. My hatred for them is well known.”
“Well, I’m out of here,” Farah declared as she ran for the back door.
Henrick was raging behind her, “Let
:iconmercenaryblade:MercenaryBlade 10 19
Cult of the Moon Goddess PT1 Of 2
Farah stood in the room of the inn admiring the pearl necklace she had stolen. Once the property of a rich noblewoman, the trinket was now hers along with an entire cache of jewels and gold. The ferret smirked to herself, the heist had gone perfectly! She had broken into the manor house, knocked out a servant with a toxic dart, and slipped away with a fortune.
Farah had used the Rusty Dagger Inn several times before and few coins in the right places gave her the best room, wine, and food. Plus, the staff was at her beck and call. Not bad for a simple heist, but Farah had to admit to herself that it was too easy. Most of the jobs the ferret had undertaken were all too easy. She hadn’t had a real challenge in a few months. For a thief like Farah that was her real motivation, not the money, but the thrill of the heist.
A rap on her door stirred Farah from her thoughts. Stowing the necklace away, she turned to the door after she grabbed her handaxe, keeping it hidden behind her back.
:iconmercenaryblade:MercenaryBlade 8 22
The Merchant
Grimkrill was a small but vibrant town at the edge of the sea, known for only two things fishermen and shepherds. Every so often the odd merchant ship would put in to port and that was a time every resident looked forward to. For ships brought goods from the cities and sailors with coin to spend in the tavern.
So that was why on one day like any other there was much excitement, as the dawn broke a ship unlike any other could be seen in port.
“A ship! I’ve never seen the like!” The cry went out.
Every townsperson from the beggars to the magister himself soon made their way to the port. The odd ship was a sight to see indeed as it bobbed alongside the smaller fishing craft. It was indeed a strange vessel, it was not a square rigger as they were used to seeing. The sails were furled but they seemed to be a fore and aft configuration, two more like great wings protruded from the port and starboard side, presently they were cranked up and also furled giving the vessel the
:iconmercenaryblade:MercenaryBlade 11 19
(Trade) The Fall and Return of The Scarlet Order
The call was unmistakable, inviting those that heeded to it. Upon strange encounter, the hero obtained a single gemstone, coated in vibrant red, thrumming with an unmistakable power that none were capable of ignoring.
Yet such a piece brought only ruin to the bearer as the silence hunted the gem and to those who wielded it. Yet the young hero was brave and stalwart and with no compunctions he affixed the red gemstone to the pommel of his sword, from that day his blade became more than a mere cutting tool.
The blade would glow with a red light and would withstand the stress of combat and cut through all but the thickest of materials. The hero and his blade went on many an adventure, righting wrongs and word spread of the legendary sword and the gemstone upon its pommel.
As he quested he recruited many to his cause, man and woman, warrior, and sorcerer. They became known as The Scarlet Order and their deeds became legend.
Unfortunately the fame drew unwanted attention.
Many within the gr
:iconmercenaryblade:MercenaryBlade 7 2
Contest Entry: Second Chance Of Love
I remember meeting Lilly for the first time. It was my senior year of highschool and we were in the same class together, literature and creative writing. It was one of those electives where you’d find students from multiple grades in attendance.
For a high school class it was pretty laid back. We’d read from short stories and novels before breaking into groups to discuss what was read. Lilly and I were in the same group and when I saw her I felt my cheeks flush.
She was a thin pale brunette with a streak of red in her hair, emerald eyes twinkling with a smattering of freckles below them. She was a five foot something girl with a slight hint of punk/Goth about her clothing apparel. To say the least, she was stunning to me, but I have never been the best with girls. I get so nervous around them.
But she spoke with a smile as she introduced herself, “Call me Lilly.”
“Terrance,” I replied.
“You a senior,” she asked.
I nodded.
:iconmercenaryblade:MercenaryBlade 11 11
(Trade) Thaddeus the Ghost Hunter
The house stood alone surrounded by the dark woods, it was decrepit with paint long faded and the roof caved in from some long ago storm. Shutters banged against the sides as the wind howled through the corpse of a home like a lost soul.
From out of the woods though a stalwart figure practically marched towards the house. He was well aware of the homes dark history. A murder/suicide, the cult meetings. But he was unfazed as he marched. He was well armed and equipped, pendants, scrolls, and various scientific instruments covered his body and protruded from his backpack.
He was a well built man and though he had bushy eyebrows his head was bald. This was none other than Thaddeus- Ghost Hunter. He paused on the decaying porch. Before he deployed his secret weapon.
Undoing one of the flaps on his pack he set it upon the ground. A ball of gray fur emerged from the pack, stretched and arched her back. A cat with a red bandanna.
“You ready Mews?” Thaddeus asked.
:iconmercenaryblade:MercenaryBlade 7 11
Fortune: By Rnze by MercenaryBlade Fortune: By Rnze :iconmercenaryblade:MercenaryBlade 20 15
(Art Trade) Of Jackrats and Ferrets
Casey stared at the hand mirror. The only piece of evidence in the mysterious disappearance of a prominent heiress of Ttyra. The jackrat was small in stature, with dark and well groomed hair, his ears were slightly pointed, and his skin pale. He rubbed his monocle with a cleaning cloth before he looked at the mirror again.
The curious thing about the mirror was, it didn’t seem to be a mirror at all. The glass was nonreflective despite being clear.
“Curious,” Casey proclaimed.
Though but a lowly slave to the government Casey had a bright mind, one that had earned him a lot of freedoms and occasionally landed him in trouble. The city state of Ttyra knew to put a bright mind such as his to work, and the case of a missing heiress and an artifact of the old days in the vicinity was certainly perplexing.
The heiress; named Susana, had locked herself away in the room, and hadn’t made an appearance for meals or answered at knocks. So concerned for her safety her parents
:iconmercenaryblade:MercenaryBlade 6 11
(Art Trade) Roxy Takes Flight
The crystal blue waters of the pacific glimmered below the partly cloudy skies, endless ocean aside from a small insignificant island. The sky was rent with the roar of aircraft engines as five long nosed biplanes roared overhead. They were Hawker Fury’s, once proudly serving in the RAF they had been sold off, but they’d never reached their intended buyer. Now they were painted garishly, all with a skull with a propeller crossed over a cutlass. Pontoons had been fitted beneath he craft to take advantage of the aquatic environment.  
Pirates of the air, and they were on a mission of terror machineguns primed to strafe the seaside towns indiscriminately. As they drew closer to the coast machinegun fire suddenly erupted from above them.
The formation broke apart as one of them had a top wing sheared off and spiraled into the ocean. From above the flight of Fury’s dove five open cockpit monoplanes. Boeing P26’s commonly called Peashooters. Each of the nimble cr
:iconmercenaryblade:MercenaryBlade 6 9
Mature content
What Hell Truly Is :iconmercenaryblade:MercenaryBlade 8 34
Our Fur Baby by MercenaryBlade Our Fur Baby :iconmercenaryblade:MercenaryBlade 17 40
Epilogue: A Funny Way To Look At the Past
Rejita’s Palace, 10 years after the end of the Sh’ra war
Rejita, the tough, brave, Daedalian who to many was known as Red after the color of her fur looked down the sights of her old rifle. Despite being busy as of recent, it had been awhile since she used her trusty blaster rifle. She missed using it regularly, but that didn't mean she had become rusty as she compensated for her newest target. It was a good deal away, but Red’s aim was true. With the squeeze of the trigger, a low shriek was heard as the iron target was hit half an inch from the center. There was some commotion in the surrounding buildings, but they quickly realized who was responsible and went back to their own business.
“Hmm, I’m starting to think all that extra sand helped with the aiming,” she chuckled aloud to herself, marveling how well the target was hit from 120 feet away at a downward angle. About the size of a Patheurian heart.
“Certainly not my eyes that are
:iconmercenaryblade:MercenaryBlade 8 16
Red's Homecoming 17-17
Sometime later as night was about to become morning Red waited in the room of the jail for the now free Malisha to be brought to her. Treasor was dutifully standing guard outside. Eventually the door opened and Malisha entered the room, uncuffed but followed by guardsmen handpicked by Treasor. She glanced down, not having the heart to look Rejita in the eyes.
“Leave us,” Rejita ordered. The guardsmen nodded before filing out behind Treasor. He shot Red a nod, trusting her as Malisha was in front of her.
“Malisha,” She started, before she knelt down. “I am so sorry. You were innocent, we caught the real traitor. I can not begin to apologize enough.” Malisha looked at Red in shock. She opened her maw to speak, but nothing came out.  Red expected a berating or smarmy remark, but instead, she asked Red to stand.
“As much gloating as I could do, I think we should both start handling each other like adults and not spiteful cubs,” she frown
:iconmercenaryblade:MercenaryBlade 7 11


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-Books(includes graphic novels)

Would anyone be interested in like a post travelogue of our recent vacation? I don't wish to bore any of you, but my stories are sort of moving like molasses and I'd like to give something for you to read.   
Fantasy! Red and her BFF the lioness Shenara
A Social Function by Cajek
Shoutout to Cajek who's skills are ever growing. 
So RanivierRabbit tagged me with 12 questions so here goes

1. You must post the rules
2. You have to answer 12 questions you are asked and ask 12 questions to the people you tagged.
3. Tag 12 people (Nah)
4. Tag those people in the end
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1. What is your Harry Potter house? I never have taken the Pottermore quiz so no idea. I'd probably be disappointed with the results.

2. What style of clothing do you feel most comfortable wearing? Shorts and Teeshirt

3. What's your favorite fruit? Oranges, specifically those little ones.

4. On deviantART what would you say was your worst piece? Probably: "For A Clone" a SW fanfic set during the clone wars, worst only because it's grammar is terrible.

5. Coffee or tea? Neither, I choose soda!

6. This is a free space you can write whatever you want here. Sometimes I like to speak with an accent just to see peoples reactions.

7. Did you do something crazy or funny on question number 6? You tell me.

8. Would you be a bird of paradise or a bird of prey? Bird of Prey, Owls, Eagles, Hawks, and Falcons are dope.

9.  What is your favorite season? Fall, perfect weather, Halloween, Thanksgiving, apple cider. What's not to like?

10. What did you dress up as last Halloween? Star Trek TOS Redshirt 

11. What's the worst pizza topping? Anchovies, what kind of sick mind thought that would be ok to put on pizza?

12. Now this one is a doozy, have you ever just finished a drawing or peace and thrown it's away or deleted it because it just wasn't what you were hoping for? I can't draw but I've been disappointed with some of my written pieces, I keep them around to maybe improve upon though. 



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1st Place stamp Antagonist written by dragondoodle

I'm more of a writer than an artists, and something of a photographer, I love looking at other peoples drawings so many of them have such inpressive skills.

I have many interests, mostly I like writing whenever I have the spare time and oft times I find myself wishing I could draw my characters as well as write about them.

I'm a fan of many kinds of art and I jut got sick of not being able to comment on all the brillant pieces of art on this site, so I made an account. I have gotten more involved with his site recently because I love sharing my stories and getting feedback, I live for it! Nah, not that much but it does make my day.

I am now an official author, having sold my first short story: Comes a Hunter featured in this collection…

If you ever read it give me some feedback!

Want to ask my OC's a question? Check it out! Ask my characters anything!! (Updated)UPDATED TO INCLUDE: Draknor, Kairi, Onna, Kashikoi, and Fortune
So I've seen a lot of Deviants do this before and thought I'd give it a go, especially now that I've introduced a lot of my characters to all of you. Basically you post a question addressed to one or more of my characters and they have to answer you. I thought this would be a fun thing and maybe soe of your questions would get my creative juices going. Maybe you'll ask something I never thought of?
Anyways just have fun with this the questions can range from serious like: "What was your greatest challenge?"
Mundane: "How old are you?"
Or silly: "What color underwear do you wear?" 
Be warned they will respond in character, so if you ask someone from a medieval fantasy what their favorite videogame is they won't know what you're talking about. =P 
There has got to be something you've always wondered, so let's introduce our people:
Red: The Daedalian (Anthro Jackal alie

I need all the help and support I can get so if you see something you like: comment, fave or watch. I hope you can find something you like.

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